[Let's play] Hexxit with erosego!

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  1. 12 mins in= heart attack....
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  2. Haha, yeah I might of had a small heartattack! :p
  3. Cool, Whens prt 3
  4. Episode 3 will come out later today or early Tuesday. :)

    Question: Is your stuff still in the dungeon chests? Or did you get it all. And you need to show us the stuff that was in the chest that you stored your stuff in :)
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  6. Yeah, I took all of the goodies out of the dungeon chests but I edited it out because I spent about 30 secs rearranging my inventory and I wanted to edit out some things to keep the video shorter. :p

    Questions for everyone feel free to answer as many or as few as you like:

    1.) What length of video to you like to watch? I have been trying to keep it around 25 mins, do you think that is too short or too long?

    2.) What kinds of things are you most excited about for future episodes? Examples: More adventures, watching me build stuff, messing around with all the new things/animals.

    3.) I'm thinking about building some of my base soon, would you prefer cut scenes where I show you what I built or do you like to watch the building process?

    4.) What are things you like about watching my videos for far and what are some things you don't really like?

    5.) Do you have any other questions or feedback? :D
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  9. Thanks for the feedback Amused and Minner, you guys are awesome! :D
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  10. you are up really early
  11. I have work at a strange time and just got home lol
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  13. When next one out
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  14. *chants* NEW EPISODE! NEW EPISODE!
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  15. Hey guys! Got the next episode ready for you :)

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  16. Lol around 15:25.... Back to the Kitchen! XD just made me laugh the way you said it. Also you've made me start playin hexxit :)

    And OmG the squeaky voice xD

    Also, the lever went in the hopper, your like where's the lever. And I'm literally screaming at my iPhone IN THE HOPPAH!
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  17. Haha, do you like Hexxit so far?
    When I was editing I couldn't stop laughing at the squeaky voice.
    Haha, yeah I found my lever later in the hopper later and did a /faceplam. :p
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  18. Very much enjoying this series. :)
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  19. heady phoneys
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  20. Hit 10 subscribers today! Maybe I'll make a special video! :D
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