Lets Bring FoxyRavenger Back!

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Do you think FoxRavenger should get another chance?

Yes 26 vote(s) 48.1%
No 28 vote(s) 51.9%
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  1. I saw, but why point it out when your on the same side ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  2. Any alt he had on EMC before the ban are all banned. Krysyy has known the whole time he made a new alt and is playing on it. If she sees fit to ban him on his new alt then she will.

    Yes hes been allowed to play on an alt but he wishes to be back on his main account without the _4 in his name.

    I made the votes public because I think Foxy deserves to know who do not wish him to be back. Please do not think that we will send hate messages towards you or anything, because we won't. We don't sit around saying hateful things to or about people and make them feel bad for voting no. Its just so Foxy can see who wishes him to be here or not. I think its fair to know what people support you and who don't. But really don't think we will sit here and say nasty things to/about you because we won't.

    As for Penguin voting on multiple accounts. I had noticed that last night not long after I posted this. I had to edit the post to say to not vote on alts. One vote per person otherwise its not valid.
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  3. I personally think that this was a silly thread to make. I'll break it down, nice and simple.
    1. If you want to "boost" the player, then making a thread with a public poll is probably the exact opposite of a "boost".
    2. If you really have to make a poll, at least don't make it public in this instance. Unless you want Foxy to take a grudge on all the people who said no, which I guess is a great idea.
    3. The player broke a rule and was banned, leave it to the appeal to find out what happens. This thread is not going to help him get unbanned.
    4. Alt votes don't count? Count towards what? The answer of this poll is not going to seal the fate of the poll.
    5. Why should we bring back a player who already evaded the ban by making a new account? It's clearly stated in the rules. He should have just waited for the appeal of his main account.
    I think your plan was for this to be some sort of "boost" and almost like a "community appeal process". What it looks like is counter-productive and it won't have an effect on anything that happens.
    I'm sorry if I come across as rude or if this isn't what other people see, but to me, it looks like you're trying to bring back a banned player, when you should just leave it to the appeal. This will just cause drama, especially with a public poll.
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  4. I know this isn't going to help him with his appeal we're just seeing peoples opinions on the matter.
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  5. Personally, considering he was banned for using a powerful illegal mod (and it appears he's old enough to know better), I would not be complaining since it looks like he didn't really get banned. He still gets to play and you are complaining he can't get his other 6 alts on. Have you ever heard the term, "don't look a gift horse in the mouth"? I think you should appreciate the good fortune you already have.
  6. As I said, if you really, really, really just had to make this thread, you could have at least made the votes anonymous so that people can keep some confidentiality while giving their opinion.
    The way you have set this up will allow you and the player to take a grudge on all the players that do not support them. This will have an effect on the way you think of those players in the future, when they may have wanted to be anonymous.

    If you want my opinion, I think that any permanently banned player should be banned on all accounts and not be allowed back on with an alt until a successful appeal happens. The reason for a permanent ban is to stop them from being here until they've righted their wrongs and understood that what they did was wrong.
    The fact that the player came back and technically evaded the ban means that the ban never really took place, so I don't think that allowing the player is right thing to do. Yet, at least. In the future, yes, but for now, I'd have to say no.
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  7. They talked about it in game ;)
  8. It kinda feels like if a player had the money, I think like $27, to buy a new account from Mojang they can at least to a large degree evade a ban. What if a player, say someone younger, does not have the money to buy a new account specifically for this purpose? It seems to me to be a bit discriminatory towards some players that don't have the extra discretionary income. It's certainly up to management how they handle bans but personally I don't agree with this policy.
  9. What exactly did they say about it in-game?
  10. They just talked about making a poll
  11. No, not when, I'm just asking if they talked about something specific about it.
  12. Foxy has somewhat "griefed" me in the past, only I didn't report it because there is a semi valid argument to the other side.

    I had a dirt skybridge I used quite frequently to transport mats to/from my wilderness base. One day I was using it I saw foxy on it destroying it with a shovel. He said it looked hideous, and if I remember correctly, said he was going to build a large base there and it obstructed the view. After awhile of arguing he agreed to make a tunnel that would replace the skybridge. I have had no notification of its completion.

    I only say this to show he has a low respect for the rules, and might only be sorry he got caught. Someone mentioned he was old enough to know better, and if he just straight up violated the rules with no complications I think he should stay banned. If he is a ten year old, genuinely thought whatever hacks he was using was okay, etc. he should have a second chance.
    EDIT: I just saw in the OP "re-appeals" has he done this sort of thing before?
  13. Here's an analogy I just thought of...

    Think of it like skiing, at most resorts they have rules outlined and labeled VERY clearly for all to understand. No speed zones, no obnoxious yelling or blasting music, being respectful to others, etc.
    When you buy your ticket for the day of skiing you agree to all the mountain's rules and through this transaction agree that if you break the rules your ticket will be taken away. Now if you get caught speeding in a no speed zone and get your ticket clipped well then you aren't allowed to go back up the mountain, but if you just go to the ticket booth and buy another ticket you will be allowed up no problem.

    When you sign up your MC account(s) on EMC you agree to the rules and through this you are liable for your own account and actions on that account. If you break the rules on your account and wish to come back through another account, sure you can spend that 27$, but if you just followed the rules your first time around no extra money would have to be spent. If you think that it's unfair that others are more economically well off and can "get around the system", I guess my best explanation for that is that that's just how the world runs. :rolleyes:
  14. I understand your point, but your analogy does not work in all cases. For example, if your driving license is revoked, you can't just go and buy a new one. You have to go through some sort of system, go through lessons and tests again and perhaps a ban time until you can get that licence back. There are many other examples using a similar analogy to mine.

    As for this, I'll refer you to Krysyy's point earlier:
    • If you have been previously banned from all or part of EMC, you will not attempt to create another account without the written permission of Starlis.
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  15. As for this, I'll refer you to Krysyy's point earlier:
    • If you have been previously banned from all or part of EMC, you will not attempt to create another account without the written permission of Starlis.

    Which he apparently has. The song from Frozen comes to mind, "Let It Go"
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  16. The point I made was in reply to Neaux's, because they mentioned about signing up EMC accounts and coming back with others after being banned, but that's a clear point in the rules. It was just there to show that you shouldn't just go straight up, pay money and be allowed to be back. I didn't say that there was no protocol in this specific situation, and even if there was, I wouldn't have known because just like you, I do not know this situation crystal clear inside and out.

    If you think my way of doing things about banned players is to just let it go, then you clearly have the wrong idea about me. I do not know these players and have not talked to them in-game, but I am a firm believer that all players on the Empire should not have to have rule breaking players run amok them and ruin their fun, and I am a firm believer that anybody that is permanently banned should not come back until they have successfully appealed. I think the way you replied was perhaps a bit rude. If you want to let it go then that's your choice, but you can't make my choices for me. I am discussing this calmly, and that's exactly how we should be discussing it. Not just dropping important matters.
  17. I think the term "perm" or "permanent" ban is really not appropriate for this server but is wielded around as if there was some weight to it. When I first started on this server and saw the term permanent ban used it was a selling point to me. It made me feel like the staff and management of the server were truly dedicated to not taking any bullsh** from anybody and wanted to make sure that only ethical players were allowed to play. That was very refreshing after playing on other servers where obviously unethical players were allowed to cheat unchecked and then if caught were able to whine enough and get back on. It's not much of a deterrent. For a player dedicated to playing fair it is very frustrating. I believe the term "temporary" ban should be used instead of "permanent". That is more descriptive of reality. I love this server and would not leave now but I do feel a bit misled about the dedication to intolerance of cheating here. Just being honest.
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  18. Just so we're clear: I'm not staff so my idea is just as good as anyone elses.

    So, my take: A ban can be issued in multiple ways. An account can get banned, but they can also ban an IP address or even an IP range (though that might be stretching things a little). Another thing: although banned players might be allowed to use an ALT it would still have the same result: they can play on the Empire again, but without access to all their previous stuff. Clean slate.

    So one way or the other, a punishment has been dealt. And that's also assuming they're actually allowed to do this. For all we know staff could also have them on a wanted list and as soon as an identity has been confirmed... b00m! :eek:

    But I get what you're saying of course... If they're allowed the usage of an alt you could also theoretically consider not banning people but stripping them of their properties. But I'm not too sure...

    See, I can understand why Kiku & Foxy would like the original to come back. I'd compare it with me doing stupid things, then only being allowed to use both GripCEO & AyanamiKun. Sure, I can still play on the Empire. But those guys aren't me, sort off (long story :D).

    This account is who I am, this is who people know to be me so I'd really dislike it if I couldn't play on this anymore.

    However, do keep in mind (not my words): Each situation is different.
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  19. Sorry for 2 posts quickly after each other but....

    Point taken, however: I know for a fact that some players are actually permbanned and won't be coming back anytime soon. They may try an appeal, but that has no guaranteed results.

    I do agree with you on one point: sometimes it seems as if the moderators are very lenient in some cases. But whether that's bad or good is something I can't really say anymore.

    True story: When I started out I thought the whole mute thing was ridiculous. Give them a kick in the behinds to get the message across was my idea. Well, right now I'm not too sure anymore. Because I've seen some people change their ways after having been muted a few times. Of course I've also seen players simply log off, and coming back on later. Sure.

    I'm spending a lot of time in-game on EMC and I can't really say that abuse, in this case verbal abuse, is a big thing. Sure, people make mistakes sometimes. But so far it's the community which resolves most of that.

    So the real question for me: are the punishments working or not? I think they are, which is all I care for.
  20. If you didn't want to be public, don't vote. :rolleyes:
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