Lets Bring FoxyRavenger Back!

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Do you think FoxRavenger should get another chance?

Yes 26 vote(s) 48.1%
No 28 vote(s) 51.9%
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  1. Why is that relevant at all? Who gives a damn if they discussed it ingame? Making your decision public is moronic.
    Suddenly, that becomes a very, very biased poll. You don't see any other type of study or election having its voters publicly displayed because that then skews their opinion from what it actually is towards what the voter wants other people to think of them.
  2. If this really mattered at all, in the time since he was banned, he could have easily switched his account's name's.

    As for the public poll, there is no reason to make it public other than to make a negative statement about the players voting against it.

    Also, I agree with cowland. He appears to have far less desire to follow the rules compared to trying to become popular.

    And finally, unrelated to him as a person, FNAF is a cancer to the internet.
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  3. I want Foxy to return because he is like a good minecraft friend like i never had
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  4. And also, making negative statements like this and saying he should not come back in my opinion is kinda harsh
    And people always deserve a second chance in my opinion
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  5. Completely ignoring every post before this one, I'd like to wish Foxy good luck on his appeal in October. He's a good guy, I've had the pleasure of fighting with him in the UHC events and talking to him outside of those events and his love for EMC was obvious in our chats. He's proud of the time he has spent on this server, he loves this server.

    For those of you who still hang what he did over his head, and let that define what you think of him, I ask that you put yourself in his shoes. Would you want a group of people continuously putting you down for what you did a long time ago and you've accepted was stupid? Think about it. If you're doing this to him, I hope it happens to you down the road. Unless you're some Greek god or goddess that was born with skin made of pure gold, hair made of the finest silk in all the world, and eyes like diamonds, you're not perfect and you've made a mistake in your life. Don't let people's mistakes define how you see them, especially someone like Foxy who has dedicated years of his life to this server.

    Petty isn't Pretty people.
  6. So this is basically just a popularity contest?

    Besides that I do wish him good luck with his October appeal. I know full well what it's like to be in appeal limbo and it isn't fun.
  7. Basically.
  8. lol it's funny how there's people who actually want his ban not to be repealed, lots of love out here on emc eh?

  9. Or don't feel it is necessary to CHEAT! I am missing something? Is cheating so widespread that according to you everyone is doing it? And I am the one and only dumba** that isn't cheating? From what you've said it appears that you think it would take a god not to cheat. Are you a god?
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  10. The issue I think that people have is not that he is allowed to come back after appealing, but rather that he's basically still been here the whole time he's been "banned". It's never made sense to me that an alt or a new account is allowed in any circumstance while a player is banned, but I'm not staff so who am I to say otherwise. It just seems like this is more of a thing where he's annoyed because he's been having to play on alts and is ready to get back on his main rather than he's learned his lesson and he's sorry, especially in this type of thread where the player "vouching" for him says he's just tired of the _4 in his name.
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  11. I wasn't aiming what I said at what he did, so chill out. I was saying if you're still condemning him for a mistake he made, like you've never made one in your life, you better be perfect.

  12. I don't really have too much of an issue with what you said other than this. This may be something that just bugs me, but I feel like it has to be said. He hasn't dedicated years of his life to EMC, but he likes to claim he has. He acts and preaches as if he has been here the whole time, but the reality is that he has barely been around (relative to the terminology he uses). He took a good ~3+ year break from EMC. Prior to that, he had spent 5 months on EMC. Less than a year after coming back, he was permabanned for using illegal mods for a while. So, he has actually spent less than a year and a half being active on EMC but would like to make you think that he is a veteran player who has seen it all, and done it all.

    It is behavior like this in combination with other things he has done that would make me hesitant to welcome his return. That said, if the staff were to approve of his return, that would help assure me that his behavior and attitude are becoming more acceptable.
  13. Well then my apologies, from what he said when we talked it sounded like he'd been around 3-4 years.
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  14. No apologies needed. He will have been here 5 years in October.
  15. There is a difference between account creation date and actual play time. What I am talking about is play time, not account creation date.
  16. i only want him back if he gives me a dc of quartz!
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  17. I can make an account somewhere and leave it for 10 years and come back. Does it make it valid then for me to say I've been there for a decade? Of course not.
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  18. I am plenty chill, but we are referring to what he has done here. That is the whole point of the thread. You are correct, that all have made mistakes, but aren't there repercussions to these mistakes? The server advertises perm ban. He should feel extremely fortunate his repercussions were nothing close to that.
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  19. Foxy was a really nice player and community member. Everyone makes mistakes and that's no issue, it becomes an issue when they keep making the mistake on purpose, which Foxy didn't do.
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  20. So I can use x-ray until I get caught once and then I have to stop?
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