Lets Bring FoxyRavenger Back!

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Do you think FoxRavenger should get another chance?

Yes 26 vote(s) 48.1%
No 28 vote(s) 51.9%
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  1. FoxyRavenger needs a boost. Please show your support and hopefully he'll be allowed back in October when he re appeals. Lets see who all wants him to stick around on Empire!

    Please do not use alts to vote as it makes an unfair vote and will not be counted.
  2. Here's hoping FoxyRavenger makes it thru the appeals process and makes a jubilant return to the Empire!
  3. I'm not sure, what did he do? Use illegal mods in UHC?
  4. *Chants One More Chance :D* Lets bring him back!
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  5. I'm not voting because I simply can't say. My vote would be "Let the staff handle it and respect their decision". That's the 'official' vote.

    Having said that: I definitely hope that Foxy's appeal will succeed and that he can once again become officially active on EMC. My impression is that Foxy, like another veteran, didn't start a hate campaign or anything but he accepted his punishment, he appealed and protested as per the rules and he never gave up on EMC. I think that says something.

    To my knowledge Foxy also has some alts running around the Empire and AFAIK they've kept themselves out of trouble. Which, assuming I'm right, also says something. Heck; even though Foxy's main made a mistake he's definitely living up to it IMO. I mean: every once in a while he still greets new players, I know his alt(s) are active within the community and he's remained a part of the community (SMP8 in particular, which I sporadically visit).

    Another thing which I think is important: in some recent discussion threads Foxy also raised some critical points but has never been abusive or disrespectful. He doesn't even mention his ban - at all - which I also think speaks for him (you know: not playing the martyr's role). Note: these are not assumptions, this is something I've seen myself. His comments in the presidential thread are sometimes critical, but he also knows when to stop and simply say "hey, this is merely my opinion, this is what I based it on <link>".

    Another example? My staff appreciation. I could well imagine that Foxy can't appreciate the staff right now (sorry, little bad pun, but definitely no offense intended here). Pun or not, still think about it. Same deal: he sent a somewhat critical but still useful message in that thread.

    So based on all this, some assumptions and some things I've seen myself, then yeah. If my assumptions are also true then I definitely hope that the staff will rule in Foxy's favor and that he gets his second chance.

    But, to be fully honest, my official vote is still: "Let the staff handle it" :) Yet that doesn't mean I'm not rooting for him :)
  6. ShelLuser u have way to much time....

    Yeah sure let him/her back
  7. It is true that he used the X-Ray mod in UHC. He greatly regrets doing so and wants to redeem himself. He feels like he can't with just an alt tho. He is on one alt at the moment. One made after the ban happened to his main and other 5 alts. The staff banned any alts of his he had pre-ban to make sure he wouldn't slip by with any 'ill gotten items' in case he had gotten items with said illegal mod. He truly wants to come back and make up for what he's done. I sincerely hope he is able to come back in October and redeem himself and prove that he has learned his lesson and won't make the mistake again.
  8. I think he utilises his time quite well, actually.
    Such posts can be quite helpful to me, and perhaps to himself and other people too.
  9. PengunDJ voted no on multiple accounts :rolleyes:
  10. the pirates need a caption but best of luck to you XD
  11. Opps I picked the wrong vote thing.. Any way my bad but it would be nice to see him on again but as long as he doesn't cheat again:p
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  12. I am also not going to vote and leave it to the staff. It really isn't a vote, it's more like a petition. The people who want him back will vote yes and the people who don't want him back will not vote. They won't vote because they don't want to be labeled as a hater. Since it was important that who votes what should be publicly visible. There is one thing I do believe. Players should be treated consistently. It should not be a popularity contest. If another player committed the same bannable offense as another player both should receive the same punishment. And if one is able to get reinstated so should the other.
  13. So he's still playing on an alt on Empire? I thought when you were banned you had to stay off? So it's legal to buy a new alt and then start playing again that way?
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  14. Yes, it is. Olaf did that too, for a while.
    • If you have been previously banned from all or part of EMC, you will not attempt to create another account without the written permission of Starlis.
  15. Yeah, forgot to add that. You should ask permission (and actually get permission, not just ask), first.
  16. Did you honestly need to make the voters public?
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  17. I'm getting really confused. Why would he need to be reinstated if he is already playing on that alt? For all intensive purposes isn't he already reinstated? This doesn't make sense to me.
  18. Hey, someone noticed! ;)
  19. Even though it said, "Please do not use alts to vote as it makes an unfair vote and will not be counted." Too bad those votes don't count. :p
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