Launch of smp8 and smp9!

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    Today we launched two new SMP servers, smp8 and smp9, bumping us to 10 total servers. I think it is safe to say we have truly become an empire! I am having so much fun being a part of this awesome community. I mean let's face it what makes EMC so great is the community, I have never experienced anything like it. And the best part, we are still just getting started ;)


    Below is a quick FAQ for questions that I know are going to be asked. If you have a different question please check the Empire Guide first before asking it.

    Why did you add two servers at once?
    Why not?

    What is the address of the new servers? &

    Can items and blocks be taken between servers?
    Yes, see the guide about using the Vault.

    Can I can claim a residence on smp8 or smp9 even though I have one on a different server?
    Currently free players only get one residence Empire wide, however Gold and Diamond supporters get more. You can also unclaim your residence on another server if you wish to move.

    Can I check who is on another server?
    Yes, you can use the command /who smp2. Or if you want to locate a player you can use /p PlayerName.

    Who is going to get the dragon egg on the new server?
    We have already removed the dragon and egg from this server, so no one will get it. This decision was made by the staff because of disputes and turmoil caused by eggs before. We plan on updating the Empire in the future that will allow more people the chance to fight the dragon and earn an egg.
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  2. Yay! :D Nice job, Justin!
    First =3
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  3. I guess it's time for me to go eat since I just read this title and it looked like it said "Lunch at SMP8..." at first glance.
  4. Haha yeah I would say so. Eating cake in-game will only satisfy your mind for so long ;)
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  5. Oh, and I neglected to mention that this is more awesome news from you! At least several times per week since I've been green, I have reached new levels of excitement to be a part of this spectacular team.
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  6. Well, for the most part I got my Residence up and looking nice for the public. =)
    165 more days, and EMC will be a year old!
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  7. Wow 25000+ members! Does that make EMC the biggest Minecraft server?
  8. Yay!

    (The stats need a total world size! X x Z )
  9. Big can be measured in so many ways, I am sure there are older servers with more registered members. Truthfully I don't really care much about us compared to others, we are here doing what we want as a community and having a great time :)
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  10. Worlds other than Town grow forever :), so it would be hard to estimate.
  11. the awesomeness might crash all of the other servers...
  12. Congrats Justin ! Your doing a great job :)
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  13. I wouldn't have added any servers to the EMC platform without proper load testing ;)
  14. Agreed I love EMC.
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  15. just make it up ;D
  16. Win!

    That is all.
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  17. I was more saying they might get jealous. I have no doubt that you test to make sure the hardware can handle the extra software. You're on top of everything.
  18. Counting all of the blocks should be the job of the newest moderator. We all had to do it, Max! :rolleyes:
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  19. Noooooo!!! D= *Runs in fear.*
  20. That is a total of the entire platform, and that is multiple physical servers ;)