Largest quantity auctioned?

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  1. Anyone know what the largest quantity of blocks auctioned was?
  2. I think there was a 128 DC once.
  3. my goal is to beat the largest :p

    so far i have to beat 128 then
  4. Wow, do you remember what it was?

    10 DCs is common, I can scroll back and see a 15 and a 20 DC auction. I think I remembered seeing something a bit more, like a 30-40 DCs once. Pretty sure it was dirt. I can't imagine wanting to store more than 40 new DCs of something, unless I really had some serious plans for it.
  5. Oh wait, sorry guys. Nobody has actually done 128 DCs, but StoneSky was planning to auction off 128 DCs of stone slabs. That's what I was thinking of.
  6. I once did 64 (I think) DCs of mushroom stew. :p
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  7. I once did 100 DC's of eggs with Tomvanwijnen :p
  8. hmmm sounds like i will need to do cacti xD
  9. Are there any reasons/motives to giving out auctions of insane quantities, like 10+ double-chests of items?
  10. It's a very niche market consisting of either hoarders or people who need a massive amount of that type of block for a single project. Me personally I would do a sell thread for those items simply because the market is so small I wouldn't get the value of the materials out of an auction. That being said you could get a nice chunk of change if you have one or two people get into a bidding war over it.

    Having that much of x item will probably fetch more than it is worth simply because of convenience.
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  11. im not doing it for the money im doing it to do it :p
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