[Selling] 73dcs of guard farm drops

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  1. I'm now selling(instead of auctioning) 73dcs of guard farm drops. If you want all the snazzy font and excitement of the auction: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/auction-73dcs-guardian-galore.55319/

    there you go lol. It's 2dcs of sea lanterns 41 dcs of prismarine shards and 30 dcs of fish.

    This sell thread is going to be a little different. I want 300k for these items but at exactly 24 hours from the posting of this thread I will sell these items to the best offer I receive. If you want to buy it outright without waiting, offer 300k. Simple enough I think.

    As soon as I confirm payment I will put an access sign on the 2 dcs of sea lanterns and will message you in a PM on the forums and will see if I can't find you in game.

    This is a lot of stuff to move and thanks to the way I have it set up, access signs would require me moving about half of it. So, it would be much easier for me(and honestly I think for you too) if we were both on so I can break the chests as you store the items in your vault and move them. I am willing to spend as much time as it takes and will be flexible in the transport of the items as... well its a lot. If you have other ideas on how to transport these items I'm open to suggestions and will even offer to move some myself with my 8 vault pages. I'm not too enthusiastic about moving all 73dcs for like the fifth time though lol.

    The minimum I will take is 200k
  2. Bump less than 5 hours
  3. Bump one hour left. It could be yours for just 200k
  4. ill do 200k for it all