[Auction]73DCS Guardian galore

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Gawadrolt, Aug 2, 2015.

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  1. I hope you are as stoked as I am

    41 DCS of Prismarine Shards
    30 DCS of RAW fish
    and last but not least:

    2 DCS of Sea Lanterns!

    Other images can be found here:http://imgur.com/a/YVYuw

    Starting bid: 200k
    Minimum bid: 2k
    Auction ending time: 72 hours after last bid
    Pick up location: Smp7 /v +gauction
    Pick up details:
    Obviously this is a logistical nightmare so I'm going to have to be on during delivery. Pm me after auction and we will set up a time within 7 days of auction end to transfer all items. I will set access signs on the sea lanterns as soon as auction is over.
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    200k. :)
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  3. Wow. Will have to watch this auction and see how it goes. This might be worth doing lol
  4. .... great gawa now i have to afk at the farm and not be able to go get stuff and goD: lol :p
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  5. What makes such big numbers, like for this auction, blown people away?:rolleyes:
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  6. This is your 2nd off topic post, please only post if you are bidding or have a question about the auction itself.
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  7. 260k
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  8. Just for the lols 262,000 Rupees.
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  9. Bump!
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  10. Bumpity bump bump
  11. 270k
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  12. 290k.
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  13. 300k!
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