Labor Day!

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  1. Hey there, Empire! Today we've made a special Promotional item for Labor Day!

    This is a crafting bench that can't be placed, but can be used anywhere. Just right click anywhere you need it, and the work bench will pop up.

    You'll be able to get a free Labor Bench by typing /promo laborday, and buy them in the shop for 5k rupees.

    This promotion will end on Monday Night!
  2. Woo hoo! Let's get crafting for Labor day!
  3. Nice that will be useful
  4. That would be so useful to have!

    EDIT: Ninja'd.
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  5. its not working
  6. Theres a problem, they are just regular crafting benches...
  7. Uh, I can place the bench right now.
  8. anyonw who watched aikar's livestream would of known about this already :p
  9. Does not work.
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  10. It isnt working, i am right clicking and it won't work, and i can place it :p
  11. Its letting me place it and right clicking does nothing...
  12. It is not working just yet, hold on guys.
  13. its just a crafting table! :(
  14. How do you use it?
  15. Just wait everyone - The problem is being fixed.
  16. aw yis
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