killing staf and players

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  1. hello i have a idea
    i want staf heads and 68.5% of the staf members i asked for a head dit say they dint want to lose ther head or die
    i want to turn that 68.5 % into 0 %
    with this new idea alow staf to get heads with out die ing this wil make my head colection bigger
    since the staf cant come with the i dont wana die or lose my head part
    note i have most heads i have a speech skil of over 9000 so i am missing like 20% of staf heads
  2. Those are some mad maths skills. I'm going to say I'm lost on this vote
  4. idea: 1k vote bonus gives you access to /head which give you 5 heads per week, without need to die (or waste time gathering heads) similar to /assist new, just with heads 🤪
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  5. yes yes yes i agree with this this is my moto
    but we needa new way we sadly need to prevent the slicing of heads i know this is sad but itwill be a more staf friend ly way of gatering staf heads
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  6. i think rates should be 69%
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  7. Like you’d like a command implementation for staff members to just poof some head drops into their inventory
    . Totally agree with you as dying over and over to collect heads was always a long process.
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  8. Interesting idea. Senior staff members can do this. If mods could, I think other players should also be able to do it. I would appreciate it, sometimes people ask me for my head and I wouldn't mind giving it, but I don't fancy jumping off a cliff repeatedly to get it. :)
  9. Reminds me when Kryssy used to host community events where players battled her in the PVP arenas in an attempt to get her head. :cool:
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  10. I still have one from like a couple of years back (2016 i think)
    Good times..
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  11. im sad we will stop the staf jumping / killing part but this is needed for a bigger colection

    if this gets inplemented we can confirm the staf members a lizards
  12. I have mostly traded heads with friends. Intentionally killing myself enough times to get a head then giving it to someone seems personal. My head is the only unique thing I own here other than what I have created. Although I feel friendly towards everyone here, it seems to me that selling or giving someone my head would degrade or dilute the value of exchanges I've made with close friends in the past.

    I think if I were a Staff member I am not sure how I would deal with this. Perhaps use an alt, or change my skin. I can understand why some might refuse though.

    On the other hand, maybe you haven't offered them enough, daanhu.
  13. I'm kinda still confused what you actually want to change here.

    When a player is a staff, they have a higher chance to drop their head?
    - if so -1 because staff are just volunteer regular players

    Add more options so that you can increase/control your head drop chance in /ps?
    For example being able to choose in your /ps between low, medium and high chance of (your own) head drops

    Add a way to get heads without wasting time by dying, such as my suggestion above:
    or is this just a complaint about negotiation skills/market situation to acquire player heads, with players (and staff alike) reducing activity over the time - if so what do you propose to be done.

    or something else?
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