It's me, Matheus!

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  1. I've always wanted to make one of these but never really got the chance.

    Hello, EMC!
    I'm a bit (1383 days) late, but this is my introduce yourself thread.
    As you can guess by my username, my name is Matheus and I really love ducks. This is all you need to know about me, really. Also, today marks my 1 year as a staff member, so I'm pretty happy (as well as Eviltoade's and BurgerKnight's, congrats guys) :D

    I'm somewhat old already, and it would be silly to actually introduce myself, so I've decided to post (and talk about) a few screenshots of some good memories I've had here.


    Justinguy joining the server a few days after the chickenpocalypse had ended.

    Aikar testing a bug regarding fireworks and container perms on my shop.

    Nyan Aikat

    Maxarian Soup

    kev and I trying to scare Krysyy with our scary wither heads (didn't work)

    shaunwhite1982 connecting Elite's residence with mine

    Krysyy and moose's wedding party (3 years ago)

    The Arc de Triomphe Hotel. Build I made for the District 18, a project SecretAznEks was leading. I was extremely excited to be his neighbor (He lived at 3043 and I got res 3042).

    This one was kevdudeman's birthday party (I think). Lots of good old friends in this pic.

    And this one was kev's 100th day party

    nick being photogenic

    The day Elite changed his skin to a Dolannete

    I'd like to thank a few people in special:
    - Elite and kevdudeman: I know we haven't talked in a while like we used to, but you guys are my 2 best EMC friends.
    - SecretAznEks, DragaoNimhe (now Rachel), nick5013 (now A_Dolphin) and Steven7485
    - Staff and ex-Staff team
    - Contributors and ex-Contributors
    - All of the SMP2 people (My home server since I joined)

    And thanks to everyone else for all the good times, love you all <3
    Also, Ask Me Anything, if you would like to :p
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  2. Well Happy 1 year of being staff and many more to go!!! Also, Some of those pictures are really funny :p
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  3. Congrats on the one year!
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  4. Congrats and welcome to EMC, smp5 is amazing. :p:p:p
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  5. you're about to get a very special troll now...
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  6. oh god
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  7. Hello from the other side! And welcome to EMC I guess :D
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  8. Hi Matheus. Great to meet you. ;)
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  9. Congrats on 1 year! So many people turned 1 year this winter, lol ;) (including me)
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  10. 1 year as a staff member :p
    I'm nearing 4 years in game
  11. I know that.. :rolleyes:
  12. Ah, there I was in that birthday party. (I actually forgot about, then it smacked me.) These are great screenshots, a good flashback session to the past.
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  13. Oh, this guy. Yeah, I guess you're alright.
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  14. Congrats :D mAy u have many great years to come

    Also how did u do the Nyan cat thing was it a mod?
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  15. Yep, it was called Hats mod I think. Not sure if it ever updated to 1.8
  16. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! I remember when I hosted a build contest (for a fountain on my residence) and the winner got 10k for winning. You won the contest, but I never got around to saving the build before it was destroyed...
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  17. O ok is it allowed on emc currently? Also I believe ichung updated it to 1.8
  18. It should be, as it doesn't give you any advantage, it's for looks only. You might want to double check with chickeneer, however.
  19. Welcome to EMC! If you need help, we have a wiki and a great community.

    Do you love stone slabs?
  20. You see, I don't love them, I just accept they exist. But they're kinda cool I guess.
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