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  1. So someone will have to catch me up. Like 2+ years worth of stuff.

    Can someone explain vanilla too? Last vanilla MC I played for more than 2 minutes was 1.12.2.

    I am a tad... antiquated.
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  2. More blocks. More Mobs. More Height. Swimming and Crawling.
  3. I had heard of various of 3, but not height. Mind an elaboration?
  4. Many stuff, like new nether biomes.
    netherite now a king above diamond in terms of tool and armor
    Villager now smart, it now define based on beds and working site instead of just door
    Cave and cliff special: Now caves are bigger than before and have it's own biome (up to y-64 instead of y=0) and ores are restributed
    New block, stuffs
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  5. weeh is a mod again! Chicken also made mod which is amazing. Spring cleaning is the new New Years time capsule tradition. Aikar was hacked and is banned from his own server. People said I was a mod once but I think that’s some Mandela Effect because others have no recollection of this. Shulker farms are a thing now and idk what else, Drawing a blank at the moment.
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  6. Not everyone here is truthful, to be clear. :p

    Nice to see you again, fluffinator. Your current (old) status is funny at this time. :p
    Barely anything changed on the forum, which is my domain, so I'll leave useful additions to others. ;)
    Although I can elaborate on the more height: worlds now go down to y=-64 and up to... (let me Google) y=319.
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  7. Update: Aikar did manage to regain access to the account and was unbanned :p
  8. Then I must be suffering from the Effect too. As I definitely remember you (or that username) being Mod.

    I heard Chickeneer made mod. But someone messed up and gave him purple instead, and they basically only realized when he broke something. Again.

    How does one even make a shulker farm, because don't they like, not move?

    The biggest question:

    Can someone explain how my res lived for over 2 and a half years without being claimed as derelict?

    I have yet to log back in, I was tired yesterday, and was working all day until now.
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  9. The 1.17 update allows for shulkers to multiply when they hit each other. They’ll die but another one gets spawned. Shells drop and boom.. shulker farm. Oh and rail carts for the enraged shulkers.. very simplified and not much detail. I don’t make them I only use them.
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  10. As I have been informed that Outposts are no longer as prevalent, my question is:

    What took their place?
  11. Eh, nothing really. Lots of town bodies. Lots of afk farms. I would think that an outpost revival is due, but generally speaking - it needs "someone" to lead it. Otherwise the wild play is either independent or small groups.
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  12. We still wait with bated breath, the update of Empires! Turning the once tame Outpost into an Empire: a land to be explored, built, and conquered with friends. And the currency of Empires: tokens and dragon stones/fragments. Behold the Empire-based Shop Signs for purchasing snacks and fuel along your journey by various Empire'ers you pass!!
    (although signs might be rumor only, Krysyy has previously discussed the currency)
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  13. uhhhh, let's not spread that information. It is not accurate. Empires are not Outposts. Dragon stones/fragments are not a currency. And There is no plans for Empires to setup shop sign nor for Outposts to allow shops in the non-town worlds.
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  14. can we get a status update on empires? and then land claiming? i understand the focus was on 1.18/ 1.18.2 and bug fixes for said versions and then the next priority (last i heard) was empires, but i am not sure if there are any recent updates or mentions of either?

    also any idea when the villager/ minecart ability to push- bug patch will be released?

    thank you
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  15. Ditto what Faded said.
    Outposts were supposed to get updated and become Empires when the mc updates were current and stabilized, etc
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  16. im the boss of emc now like since like a year and a half
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  17. This seems off topic. Regardless, my irl has been too busy to make significant progress on it. Empires are still my next priority.
    The outposts update is not included in that.

    That bug fix went out with this mornings reboot.
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  18. I am guessing the bug for the minecart pushing is fixed?
  19. Uhhh don't take this the wrong way but I have zero clue who you are.

    But I easily recognize all the other Old Guard replying.
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