[It's back!] Stone Slab Exchange

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  1. Hello! I am back with the Stone Slab exchange to get rid of some items.

    This service is first some first serve. I can and will remove, change, and add exchanges.

    What is this?
    You give me stone slabs and I give you items.

    Do you even need to ask this? Also, I have a bunch of crap.

    How can I make one of these exquisite deals?
    Message me what you want and please have a secure pickup point where I can collect the deliver the item(s) you need.

    What are the exchanges?
    It's about time you asked. I was worried for a second!

    8.5 DC's of Stone Slabs > Chicken Skewer (1 left)
    2 Stone Slabs > Stone Brick (2498 left)
    2 Stone Slabs > Cracked Stone Brick (2 left)
    2 Stone Slabs > Mossy Stone Brick (320 left)
    2 Stone Slabs > Chiseled Stone Brick (192 left)
    1 Stone Slab > Stone Brick Stair (195 left)
    2 Stone Slab > Stone Brick Slab (324 left)
    1 Stone Slab > Red Carpet (931 left)
    1 Stone Slab > Light Gray Carpet (541 left)
    1 Stone Slab > Gray Carpet (653 left)
    1 Stone Slab > Green Carpet (1 left)
    1 Stone Slab > Lime Carpet (1 left)
    1 Stone Slab > Purple Carpet (64 left)
    1 Stone Slab > Cyan Carpet (1 left)
    1 Stone Slab > White Carpet (43 left)
    1 Stone Slab > Pink Carpet (2 left)
    1 Stone Slab > 16 Eggs (3456 left)
    2 Stone Slabs > Yellow Stained Clay (499 left)
    64 Stone Slabs > TNT (86 left)

    For the promotional items, I took a price I found in the mall and rounded it. 1 slab = 1r

    If you have concerns about the exchange rates, please private message me. :)
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  2. coolest thing ever! I am going to start getting stone slabs right away!
    btw y the addiction to stone slabs?
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  3. In my mind, the stone slab is the most beautiful block.
    • It fits every single era and style
    • Used for detailing
    • Looks extremely nice
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  4. All very valid reasons to love the stone slabs

    P.S. Time to use countless pics on stone
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  5. all very true so I'm stuck...do I share my AMAZING slabs or keep them to myself?
    well I thought bout it and decided I like promos better I will be there soon oh great slab king!

    p.s. thanks :)
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  6. Sent a pm :)
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  7. I'd like to exchange 3 dc and 4 stacks of stone slab for all 3623 blocks of sandstone, the starter sword, and chestplate.
  8. Sorry, somebody already claimed the sandstone blocks. However, the starter gear will be yours. :)
  9. I'll take one of the sharpshooters in exchange for 8.5 dc of stone slab. I have 1 dc to fill still, but if you could hold the sharpshooter for me i'd like that.
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  10. sent a pm
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  11. Okay. For future reference, please private message me. ;)
  12. Sorry, thought that was only for price inquiries.
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  13. Bump.

    I will update with more items soon. Sorting through my crap now. :p
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  14. Wait, we give you slabs? Can't we trade cobble, stone and sandstone slabs too? I need ma slabs in order to slab some sense into me in the morning ya know ;)
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  15. I will take all the obsidian.
  16. Please private message me with the request ;)
  17. is the item list at the top in stock?