It is time we talk about chicken...

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  1. Yes, you read it right. For too long have we ignored the issue of chickens inside protected areas. I say that's enough!
    The issue: they lay eggs. People pass through the spawns and pick up these eggs. People throw the eggs on the ground and suddenly we've got more chickens laying more eggs and... you get the idea.

    Suggestion: either make chickens unable to lay eggs on protected areas or make people unable to throw eggs and hatch them. The former is better in my opinion, as it also deals with the issue of hundreds of chicken eggs lying around on the floor.
  2. Resistance to the chicken apocalypse is futile.
  3. As long as my hands can still hold a pickaxe, as long as my feet can sprint, as long as my head can wear a pumpkin, I will not surrender!
  4. I think we should rather have something that kills chickens stuck in waterfalls (maybe turn drowning on???)
  5. People just wanna help everyone get eggs with this free egg gen :)
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  6. or turn animaldamage on? pretty simple stuff
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  7. Or we could use cows instead
  8. I wouldn't mind having cows laying eggs around. Not at all :)
  9. I see the title of this thread. And I immediately think it is about me. A bit self-centered maybe? lol
  10. If you are on the chicken's side then yes, we'll have to deal with you too... :p
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    1. Get seeds
    2. Lead them out
    3. ???
    4. Profit!
    If anything, we need to solve the horse, wolf, and dog epidemic.
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  11. They are stuck in the water so leading them out with seeds won't work. A simple solution would be making the spawns not have water. I think thats easy enough.
  12. But then there's this:
  13. i dont understand whats wrong with chickens laying eggs. its cool 4 new ppl who can get eggs 2 get chickens 4 their own res. and u cant throw eggs on protected space from players, i tried 2 troll a friend and i needed build flag :mad:
  14. #stopthechickeninvasion :D
  15. #chickensshouldbeformeatnoteggsbutIguesstheylayeggsaswellohwellthemysteriesoftheworld
  16. #whyareweputtingeverythinginhashtags
  17. #thisistheresultofthechickenapocalypse
  18. #omigoshnowthisthreadisgonnaturnintothenexthashtagthreadjustbecauseofthechickenapocalypsewelliguessishouldntsayjustbecausethisisabigissue

    (I ran out of space. It took me to the next line.)
  19. I can /butcher them all if you guys get me a list of laggy outposts.
    Chickens have had enough advantage in this war, it's time for the duck to fight.