Is this even Minecraft anymore?

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Do you look forward to buying this?

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  1. After watching this, it came to me that this isn't even Minecraft anymore. It's just another game from Telltale Games but it uses Minecraft-like characters, blocks, tools, and animals. There's new mobs that were never even mentioned in Minecraft. For those who don't know, the Minecraft Story mode is NOT free. It costs $22 and is on Steam. So what are your thoughts on the Minecraft Story Mode?
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  2. Sure, it has their own additions to it, but I personally LOVE all of Telltale's episodic series. I wouldn't mind paying $22 for this game.
  3. It does have that minecraft feel but what you said, it ISN'T minecraft, minecraft is only your story that you choose, not you getting the story chosen for you. But I would love to play this game on the Xbox and see how it is.
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  4. Personally, what I hate most about this game is the fact that they made additions to Minecraft that isn't even implemented into Minecraft itself. When I first heard that there was to be a Minecraft story, I thought that it would be the same first person game, the same mobs, and the same mechanics, just with a storyline. While this game does seem nice, to me it just doesn't deserve to be known as Minecraft
  5. Doesn't look like something I would really be into. I like watching minecraft stories and episodes though so I guess once all the story is uploaded to youtube, because it's only a matter of time, I will have plenty to watch. lol. The mechanics of the game just seems like its more there for an attempt to be interactive as opposed to being interactive. This reminds me of the goosebumps books where you would turn to a certain page depending on your decision. Mass effect-ish. Neither of which I was a really big fan of.
  6. I've always thought highly of Telltale, from the games I've played they were actually really good. But with this... I have no words for how awful it looks. I can't remember ever laughing so much about how bad a game looks before I first saw the reveal of this.
  7. If we can create a game of EMC lure of Resiks-tomb being in the eyes of JustinGuy I think we would have a fun game.
  8. I wonder if dragon tombs will play with the story line there? O.O what I have heard of it, resiks tomb doesn't seem to be part of it but... it could easily be elaborated/expanded upon :)
  9. what sucks is that they made the seemingly harmless wither into...hell :p
  10. Why does that suck? The wither is THE nether boss... it should be hell. They made it better :-P
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  11. It isn't Minecraft. It's a Telltale game with a Minecraft theme / story. I don't think it will go over well for the mere fact that people will buy this thinking it will be a Minecraft game, and it doesn't play like one.
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  12. The characters seem alright but what bugs me is they excluded Steve and Alex. If they somewhat include them in this game and we have yet to see it, I guess it would be a bit better. But the fact they've introduced new enemies too, doesn't really make it feel like Minecraft. Not to mention, they've re-textured some of the mobs/added more features to them.

    I may pick this up but I have mixed feelings about this game. It may just destroy the aesthetic of normal Minecraft or it could improve it. Time will only tell. (also IGN ratings and sales)
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  13. I'm sorry that it made you feel like that as I had no intention to make it sound like so
  14. These are exactly my thoughts. Just adding Minecraft scenery, Minecraft-like characters, and the ability to craft does not at all make it like Minecraft in my opinion. They might as well give the game a different name and change the way things look. To me, this is not at all Minecraft
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  15. Yes, but if they'd sell it under a different name they'd earn much less. Minecraft is very popular, and that's why they want to make a game inspired by it: it'll give their game a bigger chance to get popular too.
  16. Not to sound rude,but you seem new to telltale games. This is how all telltale are, it was expected that it was going to be like this. What did you expect this from this game? Another Minecraft? With quest? Something else? Anyways, play TWD or Game of Thrones then come back to this...
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  17. That wasn't what I was trying to say. I was trying to say that it doesn't feel like Minecraft.
  18. But does it need to?
  19. If it wants to stay true to the Minecraft "franchise" then yes.
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