Is the economy of emc dying?

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Is the economy dying on emc

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The plane still in the air! 2 vote(s) 15.4%
Yes please! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Maybe 2 vote(s) 15.4%
No 5 vote(s) 38.5%
The ship sank! 4 vote(s) 30.8%
  1. Nuttyknight42 here and I was just wondering if the economy is dying?

    Leave a comment of want you think and, or vote.
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  2. So like... I'm the least knowledgeable person about EMC specific because due to private reasons Aya and myself totally missed the EMC Holiday season. I feel kinda bad, but there's that.

    Question: how does an economy "die"?

    In the most basic sense of the word it's people exchanging goods for currency which (hopefully) attracts more interest for said goods (in either a productive or consuming way) and that can boost an economy. The thing is though: within this given example what counts for 'economy' is not the trade itself. It's "people are willing to exchange currency for items" and/or "people are willing to exchange items for currency".

    "Economy" as a whole is the fact that people are willing to do so.

    Something tells me players are still willing to trade for promos :D

    As such, the economy lives...

    "The dark side of the economy is a pathway to many opportunities some consider to be unfavourable..."

    ok, ok, I'll stop now :rolleyes:
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  3. It has simply slowed, a reflection of the number of players active atm
  4. It hasn't died, but it's certainly shifted focus. There's very little demand for raw materials, and the majority of the market is now dominated by promo sales.
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  5. Everything is 2r..... 2r is All, All is 2r...
  6. I think its 1r now lol
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  7. I always thought the economy has been dead for a long time. If anything, it's more apparent now than it was when I began saying that over a year and a half ago.
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  8. The market has, in my opinion, collapsed. Prices are rock bottom and there is very little economical activity going on.

    EMC might be able to boost the economy back to normal by

    - Not reseting Wastelands for 6-12 months. That should keep the supply down and push prices a bit higher up. Especially for raw materials, ores and all other non-farmable blocks...

    -Buy up large amounts of raw material to get cash flowing and push up demand

    - "Invest" in infrastructure, for example walkways, railways etc in Frontier. Players could get hired to build and thus get more cash flowing in the system, and the demand for the necessary raw materials would increase, pushing prices further up

    - Close down residencies of inactive players more frequently, also that would likely bring up the demand for new raw materials.

    - Reducing the number of servers. Lets face it, 9 servers (10 counting Utopia) is far to many considering there is usually less than 200 players online. I'm sure the residences could be moved to other servers. This would furthermore reduce the influx of new material as the number of wastelands decreases, increase the value of each residence, etc.

    Just some ideas...
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  9. Which servers get eliminated and which ones survive? Residences are one things but how does staff migrate very large numbers of registered frontier outposts which people have spent countless hours building? If you want to see an economic collapse try subjectively destroying the collective works of players at random, many of whom are paying customers.
  10. There's definitely no need for more money being injected - players can get well over a thousand rupees a day simply by voting. The main problem comes from the fact that most senior players have farms that they utilize to get nearly all materials, and there is little, if any, activity to buy products. From what I've seen, the main driver of the economy right now is services such as buildings or the construction of automated farms.
  11. TLDR:
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  12. We need some economy stimulating actions to take place! We better start burning the diamonds, concrete, promos to boost it!
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  13. Bring back Empire shop to create a standard for each item.
  14. If my memory serves me, I think they did bring back the empire shop? It's just that all the prices have gone well below that because there is no price floor.
  15. The Empire shop wasn't a good standard for prices even when it was still around
    Although I think the economy could benefit from more rupee sinks like that
    EMC staff seem pretty persistent about not bringing back the shop
  16. Ehh, I think we just have too little demand with the amount of supply people have. You have iron farms pumping out a DC of iron within a day and maybe somebody will buy a stack of that.

    When a population grows, you build more houses. When you start building more houses to anticipate for higher population and the population ends up going in a decline, you won't have the best market for houses.

    The best thing for the Empire to do is grow in order to fix the economy imo. Focus on why players left or joined and didn't stay.
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  17. I personally liked it to be the (Don't go above said point) in pricing. The removal of it now really makes it a competitive market.

    Let's be honest here, large malls have majority of control of what price is set at what. Even Azoundria even though over priced on some blocks, are a great influence to the market. Microeconomics teaches you a few cool things like how people have choices. Do I want to pay 100r for a diamond? No. Do I want to pay for 15r for a diamond, preferably yes. This is called price sensitivity.

    Is the market dead? No, many others already explained it's the lower player activity causing a slow. More players means larger market in minecraft, we are experiencing a slowdown
  18. Create a better tutorial.
    Get rid of useless tags like +shop which is mainly just derelict reses.
    Inform new players which shops to use instead of just ignoring them when they ask where do I buy "item" at?
    Create a new Empire Shop that has a base standard for each item so there isn't price gouging, and so every player can understand what each item is worth in value.