Is anyone good sill here?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TomRaines, Apr 14, 2016.

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  2. I think a better conversation would be 'what is sarcasm' :p
  3. The shell thing was kinda amusing. Was the grip thing real?
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  4. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    10. General Other Rules
    Intentionally causing public drama is not allowed.
    • Intentionally doing anything that is likely to cause public upset, arguments, riots, or any other negative action, for any reason, is not allowed. Anyone participating in public drama via threads, pictures, videos or any of EMC’s features, including, but not limited to the Forums, statuses and in-game Chat, will face consequences, as determined by Staff.
    The topics you are suggesting just aren't suitable to be discussed on EMC for a few reasons:
    • Breaks the above rule. Discussing other players' punishments publicly is not allowed.
    • Incites drama. Asking the community to focus their anger on other community members isbad.
    • This cannot possibly end well.
    Edit: what how is this allowed lol, I've gotten in trouble for doing the same thing (in a more private location--my profile) that this thread is doing--hypocritical/double standards much?

    Oh well, I guess hate is allowed on this thread and this thread only? Because sorry, this very thread is meant for trash talking other players. By leaving this thread open you're saying that's okay.
  5. If you re-read the GRIP thread you will see the clue about it in the second post. Look for the red text.

    As for this thread I am not going to close it. But I will remind that trash talking other players is not allowed. It's fine to talk about the fact you didn't appreciate the joke of the GRIP thread but calling all the 'good' players 'fake' is not appreciated.


    P.S. Yes, my post about permabanning them was also a joke as I like a good laugh as well.
    P.P.S I closed and deleted the poll.
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  6. Ok good I thought I was missing something and I was
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  7. same sorry shelL
  8. Though why would you make a joke like that?
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  9. What is this about?? :confused:
  10. I have no clue on motive but I am guessing that it is a weird way to get GRIP noticed by players that don't know about it.
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  11. Is it odd that I don't get mad by any of it? A person who is "good" is your opinion, I mean I could think someone is "good" who you don't even like. I like to consider people like myself mediocre players.
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  12. 'twas a big conspiricy theory brung up on smp1 ;) I guess it did get attention for us though :p
  13. No need; no offense taken what so ever. I saw the joke here.

    When it comes to stuff like this there's an important difference: intent. I never believed you had any intent to cause issues so I also never took any offense to it, simple as that. All good here as far as I'm concerned.
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  14. I really don't appreciate this thread at all, I summarized on my thread before.. I am sorry for my mistake.

    Good players have mistakes, it doesn't make them bad people. So, let's just calm down and keep it easy for all players are on the server.
  15. There are plenty of good and mature players here.

    heh heh
  16. Yeah I think that too. I never even knew about GRIP until the thread :p
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  17. awww.... well now foxy will probably hate me.... anyway I'm sorry to make such a fuss but plz donate to GRIP! link at top!
  18. n no way directed at anyone and is just an opinion on viewpoints.

    To be "good" is to act in such a way that is favorable to the general population, or is positively affecting or fitting in with the current societies normal way of thinking. Thus to be bad would be the opposite, to act in a way that goes against the general population and/or negatively affecting or not fitting in with the current societies normal way of thinking. It comes down to what society deems its norms to be.

    In Genghis Khans' time, the "good" person probably was busy raping, pillaging and out for what was in his best interest. The Mongols might have had a slightly different definition of "good" than we have in todays world.

    What was good to Conan The Barbarian? He was asked "What is best in life?" to which he replied " To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!" to be fair I did see that this was mentioned that it might be a quote paraphrased from Genghis Khan and not just a movie line. But i love it either way.

    We have seen what EMC shows the good participant will conform to in order to remain with access to the server. We are aware of what actions are categorized as "good" at school, work, on the road. As you get older and experience more life, study more history and just open your eyes you will see the very definition of "Good" change right in front of you and you will wonder "how did that happen?" and " I remember when that was not the way it was."

    Am I mature? A grownup? Probably not, not yet if ever. I am 47 lived in hawaii for 22 years of surfing fishing and all that good stuff. I served overseas in ARMY and now permanently wounded from that. Dont think I will ever consider myself mature. I would say I will try to do the right thing. Right now, my viewpoint aligns with EMC and kind of with society in general. Although I wont go into what I think about society right now! Just treat others the way you would like to be treated, with respect. But remember, we all need to earn our respect as well.
  19. “We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are.”
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