iPhone 5 - Revolution or Evolution?

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Thoughts on the iPhone 5

It's a iPhone, of course it will be good 13 vote(s) 31.0%
Improved and Faster iPhone, nothing new 29 vote(s) 69.0%
  1. http://www.apple.com/iphone/
    Let me know your guys's thoughts. I think it looks awesome, I personally will not be getting it but my dad will, and I will certainly check it out. Though the iPhone 5 looks like a taller rehashed iPhone 5 with faster speeds and 5 new features, will it the start of next generation phones? Who knows.
  2. It appears that Apple is starting to run out of ideas for the iPhone. But I decided it was time to upgrade my 3gs so I pre-ordered the iPhone 5. I will post my opinions on it when I get it.
  3. The iPhone 5 was a big failure IMO
  4. Still no physical keyboard? Okay, I'll pass.
  5. I wouldn't say Apple is running out of ideas as much as cellular technology it's self it starting to run out of ideas.
  6. Tell that to the Millions of people who will buy it and be satisfied with it.
  7. I just thought up the iphone ten for apple, dont w
  8. They are running out of ideas for the iPhone. I might be getting anyway, just for siri (not that she'll understand my accent, but she'll be helpful sometimes) and its awesome apps. Also, this is the iPhone in a few years:
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  9. I know someone with a 4s and Siri's favorite phrase is "Do you want me to search the web for _______?"
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  10. As for Siri, My sister and her friend got iPads and when they try to talk to Siri to send messages Siri says the wrong things and they speak American English.
  11. OH MY GOODNESS! I just read the snippets of text related to the iPhone 5 and wow just wow. Does anyone else think that they've run out of ideas just from the text for marketing? I mean seriously! "It's the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone" and "So much more than before. And so much less, too"
    In primary school our teachers were teaching us how NOT to write like that! I honestly would say the iPhone five is evolutionary as there is hardly anything new involved in the new iPhone. Yeah they made the graphics chip better and they made it the slightest bit thinner but it's basically an iPhone 4...
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  12. I prefer blackberries.
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  13. Gladly. And being satisfied all that great. I can play my PC games on my laptop, at lowest settings. Im satisfied. I can play my PC games on my desktop, at ultra settings. Im bursting with joy.
  14. I don't really know why people need real fancy phones like this when you could have a simple phone that 10x cheaper.
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  16. My iPhone 3G battery committed suicide for good last night but I am not going to buy an iPhone 4, 4s or 5 or any other model that comes later. I am going to get a cheap phone with a physical keyboard that allows me to call other phones, receive phone calls and also send/receive text messages. I don't need a miniature computer on my person at all times of the day. I have trouble searching 30 subjects a day on Bing.com just to max out my rewards so why in the world do I need the internet all day? I only check out EMC, MCForum, Mojang, Facebook and my bank... I can just call the bank if I need to do something with my accounts when I am away from home or go to the Library here on post and then delete my history....
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  17. Most people are like that. They have it as a status symbol. Mainly people in middle-high school.

    Me on the other hand, I use my phone to study(ASA has software I can study all my finals on, because my school uses the same questions)
    Plus since I am going into aircraft maintenance, it pretty much is a necessity so I can look up things on the field I would have to go to a computer for.
  18. This is the biggest selling point in the U.S. Military for "smart phones" as well.... It allows immediate access to any information you may need. The U.S. Army even funded a contest for Soldiers to develop programs to be used by Soldiers...

    I still hate having a phone on my person at all times. My privacy when I am away from home is why I have a home phone... Leave me a voice mail if you need me. I can check it from the phone at the company headquarters if it matters that much...

    The art of communicating face to face is nearly dead and I hate it. I am leaving the U.S.A. after my service is over and my savings are sufficient so that I can go to a country where people still talk to their neighbors and buy their groceries from a human being at the cash register... :confused:
  19. I love how all of the Emc adds I'm seeing are about iPhone 5 cases XD