Introducing the Empire Assistant!

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  1. As everyone knows, we are back on track to growing the server.

    We have done a lot of analyzing to optimize our growth and ensure we keep as many players as possible.

    As previously known, the tutorial received many updates. This has been a constant test and improve to make it better.

    We are proud to announce a drop from 40-45% loss of new players in the tutorial all the way down to 7.5%!
    This was a big deal considering someone who abandoned in the tutorial means they didn't even give the Empire a chance to see if they like it!

    Now that leads us to the next optimization, keeping the players who then leave after finishing the tutorial.
    One of the biggest confusions we've noticed from here is players not knowing how to get around the server once they claim their res... From going mining, or finding shops.
    Introducing the Empire Assistant!
    Now, these problems will be solved with a new command /assist (or /nav as it was originally going to be called the Empire Navigator), and also an item that does the command for you!
    This tool when used will open a Chest UI giving the players many common actions they will need to know!
    Each item will tell the player what it does, and what the command to do it is so they can learn the commands without the compass.
    This will give an easy to use interface to access critical Empire Minecraft Features, and really get them going and having fun!
    I want one!
    Everyone can get an assistant by typing /assist new, limited to 1 per server per 48 hours.
    But note, this menu can be accessed the same way by simply typing /assist, so you don't NEED to use an inventory slot for it.
    The item is meant to help the newer players who won't know the commands yet.
    "It should include X, Y, Z"
    We already have plans to furthur extend this menu and make it even more robust. This was just a first step to solve the current critical problems.
    The good thing is, updating the assistant auto applies to everyone and doesn't require getting a new item!
    So we can greatly improve this system as needed.
    Chest UI's! More!
    We have designed a great framework for developing Chest UI's, so expect it + the Chat Click UI's to be used more and more in the Empire :)
  2. Cool First
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  3. Thanks but I think there should be a thing where if you click on vault and has many vaults it loads you to another GUI.
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  4. Woah, awesome stuff!
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  5. Great idea! This will def help the new people and their common questions.
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  6. Why no? This is the most amazing idea since the idea of dragon tombs (over 50000 years ago).
  7. Awesome!
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  8. Probably mad he didn't get first lol.
  9. I can't wait to give it a shot
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  10. Woohoo awesome!
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  11. Wow, it looks really great!
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  12. I don't like it, it looks like something from those dumb minigame servers that I advertise EMC on........
  13. It even shows the *custom item feature* with soul bound and final :D
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  14. True, maybe it could be a book that includes /assist but the book itself has info?
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  15. doesnt mean they are wrong for using it. Chest UI's are an expected use on any server these days. It is a nice graphical way to give data to players. Clicking a button will always be more accepted than typing a command, especially when that button gives you information. If that weren't true, we would all still be using Command Line Interfaces instead of GUI based Operating Systems.
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  16. maybe a map item to let new player know about the live map feature EMC has on the website. I find myself redirecting lost player a lot these days.
  17. To be honest, I don't know whether this will reduce confusion or increase it. But since it's already built, let's find out :)
    Also, "Empire Assistant" immediately made me think of
  18. I'm getting 3,456 (a full double chest) of these and no one can stop me.
  19. While the servers may be dumb, please never advertise EMC on a server that is not yours. It reflects very poorly upon us.