Introducing Empire Mail!

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  1. Hello everyone, surprise update! We decided to prioritize Mail so everyone can use it to "Send your valentines!"

    Please be warned that while we have tested the system and found it bug free, it does not guarantee that we didnt miss a bug, so please do not mail very important items yet!

    Simply type /mail send [to] [subject] to send a mail!

    It is currently only usable in town.

    There is a 50r fee per mail sent that are NON BOOK Items. So if you're only sending text messages, mail is free! (minus cost of book)

    SENDING BOOKS (Signed or not) is FREE!

    Type /help mail for all commands.
  2. Woot! Glad you got this out in time for valentines. Thanks Aikar!
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  3. First

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  4. Yay! :D
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  5. Woohoo~! uwu Now I can send all my friends a bunch of Valentines. ;v;
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  6. cool :)
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  7. Thanks ill use this a lot! :D Great job Aikar! :)
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  8. Just pushed fix that was preventing sending to people with long names.
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  9. So... Many... Bugs... I am currently talking to PirateOfDW about 2-5 bugs right now
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  10. This will come in handy! :p

    Thank you Aikar
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  11. Hurray! If been waiting for this :D
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  12. please PM me directly for all bugs (including them).
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  13. Adding to convo
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  14. I believe Aikar is going to bed... If you have any bugs PM PirateOfDW or any other developer! :)
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  15. Well be sure to PM me, they cant push out any fixes so itll have to wait till morning :)
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  16. ... I had better announce a special on books. :)
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  17. Welp. Brit has already been putting this to use sending Chickeneer some stalker messages love letters.
  18. I love KFC
  19. May I make a suggestion?

    Can we add a /mail command that allows us to see if the person actually accepted the sent mail?
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  20. Pure epicness! Why do I always miss the first reply?
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