Introducing "Community Perks"

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  1. When working on a good idea like the Dragon Tomb, it's hard to not come up with even more good ideas that bounce around in your brain. Thus, we came up with an idea called "Community Perks". The ideas are initially limitless and this idea will likely expand past just this, but we will be introducing this concept with the launch of the Dragon Tomb.

    Community Perks are in game perks that will be earned on a per server basis. They will be earned by completing specific tasks and doing so will reward everyone online at that time.

    We'll be testing this with Dragon Tomb completions. Numbers aren't final yet, but as an example:

    If 5 people complete a Dragon Tomb event together, all players on that server will earn "X minutes" of double XP.

    If 10 people complete a Dragon Tomb event together, all players on that server will earn "X minutes" of double XP.

    If 15 people complete a Dragon Tomb event together, all players on that server will earn "X minutes" of double XP.

    Of course the "X minutes" will go up with more people completing the task together.

    We can also do random things like, "X minutes of speed potion" or "X minutes of fire resistance potion".

    As long as you sign in during one of the perk times, you can take advantage. For example, if there was an earned 30 minutes of double XP, and you sign in when there is only 5 minutes left, you will still get 5 minutes worth of double XP.

    If you have any ideas or brainstorms to this, feel free to throw them out. As I said, this is an idea that if it works well, can be expanded into other things in the future. :)
  2. How exactly is it a beta, if your just announcing a feature?
  3. I like. But I don't see what the criteria would be other then players defeating the dragon.
  4. i like the idea ... but i think, with the introduction of emeralds people don't need xp as much ... and those with emeralds, could also perhaps obtain alot of exp potions and throw them to take advantage of it ... that's my suggestion ... other then that, i like the community idea where everyone prospers from others gain ... maybe instead of xp perhaps ... you could have like 5 people, everyone gets 500 r ... 10 1000r ... i think people will need rupees more :D
  5. Oh if you only knew the ideas I have planned. The dragon egg is nowhere near the end of awesome updates to come that this concept can apply to. :)
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  6. I like the rupee Idea WCG gave :p
  7. I've learned not to doubt the staff, this is the only server where I think anyone is serious.
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  8. Zombie trading stuff for emeralds, then emeralds for exp potions, then zombie throwing exp potions to level up, is not fun, and Mojang agrees :)

    However slaying a dragon then going out on a creeper slaughter rampage, and mass smelting operation, now thats fun and what minecraft intends..
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  9. then again, people could take advantage of that too, and after so many kills it would be in the 10s of thousand if it keeps going that route .... maybe something that can't normally be obtained ... like no pick breaking, or increased speed, or even fly ... maybe rupees are the same as xp and could be taken advantage of ... idk
  10. I am super excited by the possibilities this entails! :D
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  11. i don't know how many more people done this, but for the dragon thing, a few of us already traded skype info, and are getting teams together :D
  12. I myself think I should have a perk all the time.. :p

    I like the idea, as long as other perks are put in. :)
  13. I'm on a team SoulPunisher started, it's small though, needs a bump... Maybe some other time...
  14. Me, ItsMeMatheus, and SecretAznEks are on another one ... he has one called Eks - Men ... but idk :p
  15. Me Gusta, can't wait till its finish
  16. Sounds cool. IT ALL SOUNDS COOL.
  17. Hmm, hmm... This is interesting. I may need to sleep on this to do some brainstorming...
  18. Im a very literal person, so i read it in a way that said "6 people killing that dragon doesnt achieve anything"? Did i read it wrong? Is the idea basically "5-9 gets x mins... And 10-14 gets x mins..." And so on? Either way im happy with the ideas:) if this post made absolutely no sense, its getting late and im tired :p
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  19. this is irrelavant - but me trying to read this thread, chickeneer's flashing signature was causing me discomfort - i feel sorry for those that can get siesurez, cause i was close lol
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  20. Lol, I thought it is pretty cool - If anybody has a real problem with it - Please let me know. (It is not necessary to report that is super awesome) :p

    Edit: I don't think it would cause seizures; but it is a little distracting... I will change it once I find something better...