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  1. Well, I'm back.

    Some of the older members of EMC might remember me. I was active here in spring and summer of 2013, and then left because of personal reasons and never came back.

    I've rediscovered my love of playing minecraft, and now I'm returning to playing on EMC since it is honestly the best Minecraft server I have ever played on---the community, the staff, the gameplay, etc. all of it is simply amazing. I'll be more active now and interacting with the community more.

    P.S. When I came back, I saw messages and posts on my profile saying that they missed me and that they wanted to come back, or "its been 2 years" etc. That honestly touched me; I never thought people would remember me 3 years down the line.
  2. Welcome back to EMC.
    Heres what you missed:
    • There is now ongoing conflicts between those of the "InAction" clan, and house "Elfin"
    • ShelLuser is now a thing
    • Politics on EMC, also a thing now. Just let it happens
    • Lists have sawn a signifcant decline in grammar and spellng
    • The Marriage Fish plague has now taken SMP8
    • Aikar is now a meme
    • Aikat, also confirmed for meme
    • SMP2 is still full of Dr. Who
    • Underhelm has taken all of EMC by swarm quickly becoming the best and greatest settlement by which all other settlements now base them selfves off.
    • 28% increase in Grape Jelly
  3. Well, that's a lot to take in. What's underhelm, and who's ShelLuser? Also, I'm fine with politics lol, in the past few years I've become a lot more politically active and knowledgeable so I'll be fine
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  4. Holy crap, almost didn't know who it was because you changed the profile pic, but then I saw the name and instantly had to smile. You likely don't remember me, but I remember you being quite an active and welcome presence on the forums when I was a budding member trying to find a place here.

    I'm so glad that you've returned the server and hope to truly get to know you over your time here. :) There are definitely a lot of new features you've missed, from Mail to the Friends System to Krysyy being purple and ICC being gone, but you'll get the hang of it without much problem; we're all happy to help fill you in.

    I'm happy that those profile posts touched you; it seemed only natural for us to post them, seeing as you were such a contributing member and we all wanted to express how much we missed you. I have no doubt the community will once again welcome you with open arms.

    Welcome back! :)
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  5. Thank you! It really means a lot for someone to remember me and to be welcomed back.
  6. wb adderwol71, I wasn't here 3 years ago so I had never heard of you, but wb! :D )
  7. thanks!
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  9. You honestly wouldn't remember me as you and I only conversed over the NR but welcome back. Nice to see old members coming back. :D
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  10. Welcome back!
    You might not know me but Ill meet you in game and give you official welcome ^.^
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  11. Diamonds are well over 100r/per.

    There is a tissue shortage due to us old members crying about that.
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  12. I would like to point out that your overused, generic meme doesn't apply in this situation.

    Thank you:D
  13. ShelLuser? Oh you'll meet them eventually if you stick around on the forums
    As for Underhelm, it's a frontier settlement, you can look us up on the forums
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  14. Ahh what do I say, welcome back to EMC where dreams come true? I'm not sure what to write well this works I guess.
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  15. Alright time to make a new one since you think my welcomes are bland.
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  16. That works quite well. Now are you going to overuse this one also?
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  17. No, I am going to use the original one for new members, that one for returning members.
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  18. Welcome back Adderwolf. :)
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