Intro to the "Merchants Mini-Mall" of Smp2

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  1. 2014-01-12_11.42.41.png 2014-01-12_11.43.39.png 2014-01-12_11.50.28.png
    Hey everyone! I am almost upon the reaching of my final 2 EMC goals, holding a giveaway and opening a shop. Afterwards, I plan to focus a lot more of my energy into non-Minecraft things, although I will get on the forums and servers during the weekends to stock the shop.

    -Merchant's Mini-Mall, Residence 3794 on Smp2!
    That's right guys, I have finished making my own mini-mall. I do not sell every single thing there is to sell out there, but I am selling the daily essentials of products that are used here on the Empire. These include wood, farming supplies, minerals, etc... I am also selling promos! There is a list below as to what I am selling and buying, so check the list out. Here is also a bunch of information about the shop that you guys will want to know:

    -My prices are competitive and mostly cheap. I plan on Wood and Minerals being some of my cheapest items. I do have reliable sources for almost all of the items I sell, so if a certain floor is out of stock then hopefully it will be restocked as easily and quickly as I can. Every single chestshop in the mini-mall has now been equipped with a sell sign as well, so stocking shouldn't be that much of an issue as long as the place keeps customers, which is currently is. There is also a stock guide down below that will allow you to monitor the status of a floor.

    -I am now "selling" my floors (excluding promos and technical supplies) for various prices. Here are my prices:
    Buy a floor for 3k and I reserve no rights to rebuild any of my own shops on the floor again. Keep in mind that multiple shop signs can be used for one certain product, but I will not allow price changes after our floor-ownership meeting agreement. It would be wise for floor buyers to prepare multiple shop signs and stagger prices for items that are in demand. PM me for more info and questions/concerns.

    I am also sort of "desperate," for things to move along quickly, as my time and focus has now been redirected to more non-EMC related things, plus I cannot stock the entire mini-mall on my own, so I will probably go lower than the price listed above if it means that the shop will stay stocked. Please respond or PM me anytime if you are interested in a floor, if we can arrange a deal than I will give you enough time to change prices on my shop signs for when we meet on that floor.

    -I have rental condos available for a 200 rupee purchase for those who just want to have their name in my shop, I will include a teleport to their res if their residence is on Smp2. Also, I have recently opened the "Floor of Heads." It's pretty simple, I will pay you 1k for your head until all of the stalls on that floor are filled up (Sandstone Floor). I'm only doing it for the fun of it since it doesn't require a lot of work. :p

    -Lastly, I also recently opened up a small shop exchange at Res 3307 on Smp2, which is EquableHook624's Smp2 Retail Center. There are items for sale there from many different shop/mall owners in the area, so go check it out, you won't be disappointed :) Items I sell there:
    All Wood Log types, Iron Ingots, Emeralds, and Diamonds.

    I have also promised a list of promos that are available at the mini-mall, so here they are:
    -Selling: EMC Birthday Cake for 15k, Independence Sword for 20k, EMC Assistants for 125 rupees, Stable Voucher for 10k, Vault Voucher for 16k.
    -Buying: EMC Birthday Cakes.

    Stock Guide
    Here is a small, all-around stock guide (there is no guarantee this means one item is at a certain amount of stock, just the floor in general). Also, there is no telling as to when I will update this guide, when I get to it is when I get to it. I can only restock on weekends, so stocking takes time. Thanks for your appreciation. :)
    Key: 4-Newly Stocked. 3/2-Decent or Acceptable Stock. 1-Out of Stock. Floors with levels 1-2 will be on my radar screen for floors that need restocking.

    Stone Floor-Enchanted Books and Items- 2
    Stone Brick Floor-Potions- 2
    Cobblestone Floor-Stone Blocks- 3
    Oak Floor-Wood Blocks- 2
    Pine Floor-Tools and Armor- 3
    Birch Floor-Horses and animal supplies- 4
    Jungle Floor-Farming Supplies/Utilities- 2
    Brick Floor-Minerals- 1
    Nether Brick Floor-Nether and Decoration Blocks- 1
    Netherrack Floor-Clay, Wool, and Dyes- 2
    Gravel Floor-Mob Drops and Foods- 3
    Sand Floor-MC and EMC Rarities- 3

    -50k Giveaway!
    BugsyWPfeiffer and Gadget_AD won. :p

    -Jug'z Supply Company!

    Ok, the professors speech is over. :p Be sure to stop by the Merchant's Mini-Mall of Smp2!
  2. Checking it out now.
  3. Ill check it out :)
    32 pl0x
  4. 42 please.

    Looks amazing! Im gonna come check it out now!~
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  6. Updated promo list, I have 3 Stable Vouchers in stock so stop buy to pick one up if you have the time! I also am announcing a new item that I will be selling: Infinite Villagers-The Ultimate Guide. This is a book that I am currently writing that has everything to do about infinite villagers, from creating one, the statistical side of getting a good deal, and tips for maximizing your success with the villager the best you can. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have a few copies available for sale tomorrow at the shop on the Birch Floor, the price for one is planned to be 2k, since the book will literally contain everything you need to know about infinite villagers.
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  7. Hey guys I have the book typed out and just about ready. This book contains information that will thoroughly explain how infinite villagers work, and the facts are 100% accurate. They are now for sale on the Sand Floor.
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  8. Are they 2k?
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  9. 42 please
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  10. Yep they are, I will have them ready for purchase within 6 hours, it won't take me long to make them.
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  11. Although I'm not there yet, I am seeing a gradual growth in sales, so I'm going to give everyone the ok to claim numbers. For those who have already posted, I am putting in your numbers right now.
    Also, I have reduced promo prices dramatically! Stable Vouchers only at 8.5k, and New Years 2013 Fireworks at 12.5k. Villager guidebooks are now out there, so come pick one up if you want, remember this has up-to-date information!
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  12. 17 please :) Going to check it out now
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  14. 37 please! :)
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  15. I just accidently bought an unbreaking II book :\
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  16. Oh my gosh is it the end of the world for the player who has one million rupees?!??!11??!11/?!?!?
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  17. That picture refuses to show the spending spree I did the day after lol. It was 1k though :L
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