Independence Day 2022!

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  1. Happy Independence day to my fellow Americans!
    But also, I have a special treat for everyone!

    Available now in-game by using the command /promo iday2022. You will be able to claim the 2022 edition of the Independence Day Firework but also something new, a Firework Voucher.
    Both items are available in the /shopworld. The plan is to keep the Firework voucher in the shopworld indefinitely.
    The promo will remain available for at least 2 weeks.

    The 2022 edition of the Independence Day Firework is the same as years past, just with an updated year.

    The Firework voucher when used opens an interface for you to create your own custom Empire Firework with 2 to 4 colors of your choice.

    When created, the resulting firework will use your selected colors with random effects just like the official Empire Fireworks. I see this as a great opportunity for you to create this random effect for your favorite colors. Also for our non-american friends, the ability to make their own Empire Firework with their country's colors.

    Last thing. We have also enable the Taste the Freedom steak event again this year.

    It is my intention to add some type of seasonal mob drop for all times of the year (auto updating) - not just the couple of holidays we decide to enable it.
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  2. Now for non-Independence day things:
    I have added a command, /exchangeremotesign. While holding a remote shop sign, you can now exchange it out for the wood variation of your choice.

    Some bug fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with double sending advancement messages in town.
    • Removed horn saving for goat eggification (baby goats don't have horns so it did nothing).
    • Fix an issue where some players couldn't use and hear goat horns.
    • Fixed an error with villager treasure maps. They still don't seem to work properly, but at least won't throw errors...
    • Fixed a bug with sheeps not being able to eat grass or something.
    As always. Remember to report bugs to
  3. YAS!!! love the remote shop sign options! Again, Thank you for all your hard work!
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  4. OMG! I love these! =D

    Thanks for all your behind the scenes hard work chickeneer. =D
  5. Happy 4th of July! This looks super cool, chicken! Thank you :D
  6. Great work Chicken! Thanks for the update!
  7. cool!

    finally some sort of small update. keep up the good work!
    pr or other media indeed!
  8. I should mentioned, that the Minecraft Major version updates are a lot of work. There is a reason that not much EMC specific stuff appears during the time frame of us upgrading MC versions - it takes a lot.
    With that being said, we have several things in the works.
  9. The custom firework thing is pretty cool.
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  10. Thank you Chickeneer and to any others that have done work behind the scenes to release updates and neat improvements.

    Thank you for keeping Empire MC going, your work is greatly appreciated.
  11. Happy 4th of July to the North Americans and to the British, happy lost territory day.
  12. Thank you to all staff members for working hard behind the scenes! Happy 4th of July!
  13. Thank you for doing the remote sign changes, theyโ€™re awesome!
  14. L + ratio + the American War of Independence caused the British to focus on India which had more wealth than North America ever had + cope + we conquered 25% of the world in 1918 + seethe + we don't even get taught about the war of independence in school ๐Ÿ’€ + goofy goober + kek
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  15. Thanks for the message, the promo and all the work on the update! EMC is really cool.
  16. Love the new shop signs. Thanks for that ๐Ÿ‘
  17. Whoa! These are some great additions! :)
  18. Very limited Internet where I'm at currently, but looking forward to enjoying the new fireworks!!

    "Celebrate good times..."
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  19. An update went out overnight which fixed the issues with gravity based blocks - like sand/concrete powder/etc. Some other weird behavior experienced in the last day should also be improved.

    Let me know if any of that is still being experienced.
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  20. Wow, the firework voucher is really cool! :D

    This is not necessary for me, though. ;)
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