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  1. HelloKittyRo is female, I think that should be clear from how she acts and posts :p
  2. This gif summarizes this thread:

  3. Well that was a productive thread
  4. For some reason, nearly all HKRo's threads seem to turn into something like this :confused: It's kind of weird, and a bit unfortunate.
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  5. Basically how it works:

    HKRo: Post about leaving or something else
    People: Reply/Call her out for something
    HKRo: Gets offended
    Staff: locked m8s
  6. You said New York time, so you live in New York? lol in elementary school we didn't had finals, all we had were the standardized tests. They're not even mandatory for you lil nubs anymore :O
    But if you do have finals somehow, that sucks :( good luck you thingy
  7. Or maybe....
  8. There are no real "finals" in elementary school lol
  9. The circle of life!
    You can't be sure. The amount of contradicting lies and cover ups make anything hard to believe.
  10. I believe they mean End of Grade testing, that is what could be considered a final in Elementary school.
  11. I never had that. I started taking finals in 8th grade. I live in the NJ/NY area as she claims. So...
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  12. I never once had a final or end of grade test in Elementary. In like April we had to do state testing, but that was completely different and they doesn't really impact yourself at all. The state testing is more of a statistics/data collection thing more than anything.. The end of school always consisted of two field days where we did random fun things outside all day and then the last day was parties and stuff.
    Her profile said she was in Florida for the longest time until she recently changed it to say "somewhere" and then denied saying she lived in Florida. I started finals in 7th grade but they weren't hard whatsoever. It was all common sense stuff and the teachers were more or less giving everyone a break.
  13. I also never had that... Like haro said those tests are just for the school and nobody really cares much about them. It doesnt affect your grade.
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  14. In North/South Carolina we have End of Grade testing, my bad for not knowing the regulations where you live. I'll work on my physic abilities.
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  15. Most people have it in some form, usually state testing but I guess it might End of Grade where you are. I doubt they impact your 'score' or anything though like I said, they're usually used to give schools a rating and rate teachers on their improvement for students. It has more to do with your school and teachers rather than yourself. You aren't really held accountable for your state test scores.
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  16. Ours directly affected our grade, it combined with our overall grades to determine if we passed or were held back.
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  17. So we have to take PARCC (state exam). It doesn't count for anything. I just bullshit it all the time. I BS'd it last year and placed in a fairly good percentile.
  18. I also had to take PARCC last time (it's CCRAP spelled backwards, the more you know) and it was a piece of crap. I had to take the AIR this year. The AIR was way easier than the PARCC.
  19. Why is this not locked yet?
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  20. I actually had to take finals from 6th grade and on for a few of my classes, but I went to a catholic school. Even so, I just had to look at a few notes of mine to do better than most in the entire grade. I miss those years (not really I had way less friends). But work sure was simple.
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