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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by wonderwoman_16, May 14, 2016.

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  1. Hello EMC. As you have probably been seeing, I have been inactive lately. I will be inactive a lot starting tomorrow, because I have my final exams coming up. If you need to private message me for any reason, please private message one of my friends (or people who I'm following, or people who are following me) and they will help you out as much as possible. If it is urgent, please private message me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I will be back June 1st (when my summer begins), at 1:00 PM EMC time. (Eastern Time, or New York time.) I'm very sorry. Have a nice day.
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  3. Why not just post this as a status? ;-;
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  4. It's way to long of a speech. I know I could have done it in comments, but I didn't really want to.
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  5. Wait what does the warning have to do with this?
  6. Why didn't you just post it as a status? If you just cut out the random bits of unnecessary information, this would have easily fit into a normal status.

    They give you final exams in 5th grade? I always remembered the end of school being field days and ice cream.

    Why would anyone who is following you have the ability to act as your personal 'customer service'?

    Why would anyone who you are following have the ability to act as your personal 'customer service'?
    Why can't you PM a staff member other than Aikar?

    Why is this relevant?
    Why bump a thread like this after only 4 hours?
  7. Just wanna let people know.
    I explained why I did not want to put it on my status. Also, I'm in 6th grade. They're not. I'm mostly talking about my friends, who are glad to help. I don't want people bothering the staff members. I don't know, why do you think it's a relevant. Oh, and here's a question for you: Why are you asking so much? Mind your own business, kay.
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  8. Which would be a perfect thing to post as a status.
    No, you didn't. All you said was
    which is a BS reason, hence why I questioned it.
    They exist to help you with your problems.
    What kind of answer is this? If I asked you why, obviously I don't know why. So if I don't know why, and you don't know why, then it's clearly not relevant.
    Maybe if you didn't consistantly lie about your age, I'd have known that. :rolleyes:
  9. Once you posted this on the forums, it's open to discussion to everyone.
  10. Precisely. Had this been a status, I would have no room to talk since that's personal business. But once it's posted to the forums, it's clearly been deemed by the OP that whatever they had to say was important enough that everyone had to know and part of that is implying that the topic at hand is open to discussion :)
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  11. Why do you troll the forums looking for people to be rude to? No one forced you to look at this thread.

    Also, good luck on your exams HKR
  12. Trolling? k
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  13. The lack of common sense and antics results in an equivalent response.

    It's also not rude to correct obviously pointless actions. The only thing borderline rude was the meme at the end, but I felt it fitting :)

    Thanks, though.
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  14. I agree. You seem to be holding a bit more anger then you need to be Haro. Live and let live. She's not hurting anybody.
  15. I don't believe I expressed anger at any point in time, just the excessive irony of this thread :)
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  16. I dont get why is this here.... i mean you are saying like a temp good bye due to studies and there is suddenly a shout of something not in topic, maybe it is that you folowing staff, and you told us to PM the people who you are following in case we need you. If that is it, then state it please... if that isnt it... then im really confused :(
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  17. Personally, I think this is better off as a status. Just leave it there for the duration that you're gone and whenever people go looking for you, that status is there to give them what they need to know. If you need to type more or run out of characters, that's what the comment section is for. Doing this would have prevented getting in the way of people who don't really care, and gave those who do care the right directions.
  18. I have no opinion about this one way or another
  19. You could have just posted that in a status...
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