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  1. Hello everyone I'm new today and I can see this will be a nice community. Well I'm 20yrs old and love to play minecfrat that's about it lol
  2. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  3. Welcome to EMC, I hope you enjoy your time here! Just wondering, which server are you based on (smp1, smp5, smp8, etc.)? If you are on smp8, just ask me for any advice or help!
  4. Welcome to the Empire Diesel. Enjoy your stay. :)
  5. Welcome, hope to see you around sometime :)
  6. Welcome to EMC Diesel. Hope to see you around the smps.
  7. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! :)
  8. Welcome, fellow EMC player! What smp do you live on?
  9. Welcome! Have you decided which smp will be your home?
  10. Welcome to EMC :cool:
  11. what all these people said
  12. Oh, minecfrat, interesting! Just kidding: welcome to the empire! :)
    (wow, after I pointed that mistake of yours out, I had to redo those two sentences up to six times, because I hit the wrong key xD)
  13. Welcome to EMC
  14. Welcome to EMC! Feel free to ask anything if you need to :)
  15. Welcome to Empire Minecraft.

    Enjoy your stay!
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  16. Welcome to the Empire!
  17. Welcome to EMC!
  18. Welcome to the Empire but no; playing Minecraft is bad for you. You should be careful with that. Especially when you start placing redstone dust on the floor; once you start then chances are high you'll finish the next day ;)

    Or that could be just me I suppose, still recovering from the experience myself :)

    Anyway, as said; welcome and I hope we'll meet in-game someday!
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