If the internet reset...

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  1. What would be the first 3 things you do?

    1. Begin Facebook again.
    2. Create a blog of what life was like losing the internet.
    3. Create a list of Anime that people should watch, but can't watch.
  2. 1. I would recreate EMC cuz who wouldn't
    2. Take over the internet
    3. Rule the world with the internet
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    1. Make a gaming channel playing horror games and screeching. Rake in da monay $.$
    2. Illegally torrent movies onto the internet. Make money off ads.
    3. Write a blog about my success in making money the other two ways. Make money off ads on the blog
    money money money money money money money money money money money money money money money
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  3. make something that would make everyone pay me overtime they access google on that day
    start hoarding promos in EMC when is released if ever release
    maybe not make those stupid mistakes that everyone hates on you(not on this forum, i hope)
  4. 1. Create le first ever meme
    2. recreate youtube
    3. make millions off of le agar.io
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  5. Have to work overtime taking support calls on why the corporate web apps didn't work....

    My Users Probably: "Yea, I heard the internet was down, but does that effect my device/application?..."

    And then after work, drink like I was back in the Navy.... :)
  6. 1. quickly buy all the popular domains for the big websites
    2. sell all the domains back
    3. profit
  7. Fill the interweb back up with cats............................lol
  8. Hack the internet and use it to control the world.
  9. Grab a shovel and play live action MC.
  10. Toss computer out window and live peacefully without it.
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  11. You sound like my mom =P
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  12. 1. Cry
    2. Cry some more
    3. Pick up the pieces while mourning the beauty of what was lost.
  13. i would be sooooo happy if this actually happened xD
    i have this stupid annoying habit to need to start things over... games/worlds/characters/things/everything/places. it is..... very annoying! BUUUT when i am able to do it.... it is amazing!

    1. claim my new username on EVERYTHING possible.. before someone else claims them
    (sadly enough my usernames are all over the darn place because someone 5 years ago liked what i use and hasn't used what i use daily in 4 years because they made it and NEVER touched it... and now i can't have that username because they wanted it for 5 weeks total) rage. instagram/twitter/tumblr/facebook/kik - whatever. xD

    2. make everything i ever do online neat and orderly, matching and nice.. i hate that i find things i wrote 5 years ago and i'm not that person anymore and i loathe what i wrote and people saw it.

    3. maybe decrease the amount of selfies i've shared with people because i destroyed their eyesight with my horrible face. xD
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  14. So.... internet would be reset and all web sites and on-line info gone?:) I might just start my day at the library watching kids try to figure out the dewy decimal system to find BOOKS to do research for school work. Listen as they complain about having to actually go somewhere to talk to someone because social media is gone. It would be just like I remember it was before the internet lol. Ok so the internet comes back and all the whip cream and cherries with it. I guess that would be the best time to get in on the ground floor of messing with wikkipedia entries. You don't alter them so much that its blatent just so it would be funny.
  15. 1. Cry
    2. Repost all the dank memes
    3. Ask the NSA for my data back
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  16. 1. Remind myself that the internet doesn't exist
    2. Go into the world with a small loan of a million dollars
    3. Move to Ireland, Why not?
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  17. Step #1: Recreate Google (the search engine) - keep it out of shady stuff that has happened the original one over the years.
    Step #2: Recreate Adsense.
    Step #3: Recreate YouTube.
    Step #4: Recreate Steam but make it more like GoG and have an actual support team that works, scrap Greenlight and replace it with an actual system that works.
    Step #5: Place all of this in the hands of trustworthy people.
    Step #6: Retire into obscurity.
    Step #7: Become the next PewDiePie years later on the YouTube I created.
    Step #8: Die a trillionaire at the age of 8,000 because of me investing in a robot body for myself. Death reason: Got bored after the first 100 years, stayed to see if things would get better, turned myself off and got my highly skilled engineers to smash me up with a hammer.
    (What I genuinely do when playing bad games)
  18. Fortunately I run all my websites on my own server(s) so those won't be easily reset. Same applies for EMC so that's safe too. So yeah, what to do...

    1) Wait for Mojang to fix their stuff (auth servers).
    2) Change the online-mode setting on my (private!) server from true to false.
    3) Call my gf to ask her if she feels like playing MC that evening.
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  19. 1. Ensure that Atlantic Broadband never again rises from the ashes.
    2. Get a better ISP.
    3. Play more UHC and ArenaPvP more, because I'd be able to connect to the internet for more than a minute at a time.