Ideas for 1.14!

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  1. I know 1.13 isn't even out yet, but I made this thread to flush all of the communities ideas and hopes for what is to come!

    Obviously, for 1.14 the main presentation should be an overhaul of the nether, because at this point it's just boring! Maybe nether fortresses could be changed, by adding different rooms and rewards. Or, possibly there could be some sort of hellish plant that grows in the nether, or randomly scattered hellish structures like cages, prisons, etc. Because it is hell, you get tortured there. Or maybe there could be a new mob, a demon which is similar to a player, but can fly and use magic abilities.

    What I really want though is more food. I know, we already have enough food, but why not take the ideas of some food mods and implement them into minecraft? Something like burgers, coffee, or even sushi!

    What are your thoughts?
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  2. - Remove beets and beetroot soup

    I have met no player that actually uses this. You're better off using potatoes or wheat. Both refill your hunger a lot more than beets/beetroot soup.
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  3. I agree, they should replace it with another vegetable
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  4. Probably to just... y'know... stop. There's such a thing as too much content, and I think Minecraft passed that point years ago.
  5. No
  6. I actually agree with this. Ever since Microsoft bought Minecraft, the devs have been adding too many complicated things. I liked this as a game that was simple from the start. It was easy to understand, the combat wasn't weird, etc. I've been getting increasingly frustrated with these new updates, like the combat update, and the new concrete block system which makes absolutely no sense to me.
    What I would like to see is perhaps more of a variety of biomes, even though we have a lot. I want to be able to find more things in a desert biome, and maybe the snowy biomes aren't as large and endless as they always have been. I'd rather have tweaks than new content.
    1. Palm Trees, plantable on both sand and normal dirt.
    2. Lemon Trees or Orange Trees, also plantable on both sand and normal dirt.
    3. Cherry Blossom Trees with their own Japanese Island biome.
    4. Temperate Rainforest biome with Native American-style villages and every type of flower, some normal and some mountainous (the latter would closely resemble the Appalachian Rainforest in Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina).
    5. Cold Desert and Cold Badlands biomes (including villages for the former and variants of normal Badlands for the latter) which would also rain (probably even snow above a certain elevation, but not lowland snow) and have no cacti.
    6. Tropical Island biome for Warm and Lukewarm Oceans, with Jungle, Acacia, Lemon/Orange, and Palm Trees, as well as the three rarest flower types (Allium, Sunflower, Blue Orchid) and ferns.
    7. Mixed Forest biome with Spruce Trees added in, including a "Flowering Mixed Forest" variant and Taiga-style villages.
    8. Warm Rivers for hotter areas (no rain), which would have Turtles and Tropical Fish.
    9. Temperate Savanna biome which would have only Oak Trees and also rain.
    10. Glacier biome made of packed ice reaching up to about Y-100 (except in the few places the stone layer is taller, which would be snow-covered) to resemble Greenland and Antarctica, with polar bears being able to spawn there, too cold for strays, and adding penguins to only spawn there (also no rivers should cut through the Glacier biome, not even frozen ones).
    11. Subtropical Forest (both normal and mixed) biomes that would be warmer than regular forests but colder than Jungles, have Palm Trees, have both wolves and ocelots, and always have the Flower Forest flowers.
    12. Make ocelots able to spawn in regular Savannas.
    13. Add a Warm Taiga biome to be a warmer coniferous forest (probably around the temperature of Plains and Swamp, and able to spawn in both temperate and tropical regions), again with lots of flowers and having some villages.
    14. Marsh biome which would have Sugar Cane, Kelp, extra Lily Pads, Seaweed, and land blanketed in Tall Grass (including Double Tall Grass), otherwise same as Swamp.
    15. Plateaus in many biomes other than just Savanna and Badlands, but not Ocean, Desert, Beach, Glacier, etc. plateaus.
    16. Snowy Island biome for Frozen Oceans. These would often be treeless, or else dominated by just Spruce and possibly rare Birch trees.
  7. Oh, I forgot. Sideways half slabs. It's like half slabs, but instead of facing on the ground, it's sideways like if you would cut a regular block vertically. Building would change sooo much
  8. I never thought about that. I agree fully!
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  9. I think about that every single time i micromanage minute details
  10. Gold and iron stair steps
    New enchants that aim to attract certain mobs
    Jack of all trades villagers that give you any type of things.
    Emerald armor/tools/weapons
  11. I would like to see more biomes/plants/tree species. If Biomes O' Plenty or ExtrabiomesXL would become vanilla, that would be absolutely lovely.
  12. Lava be infinite again. Lets go Mojang, get your crap together.
  13. It would be grate if we could tame polar bears:)
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  14. Bro, that color hurts my eyes!
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  15. and laggy
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  16. I'd give up this entire 1.13 just to have those and I am excited for 1.13.

    In vanilla this would be awesome. I could see it being tweaked for EMC though since there are alot more custom mobs this could affect. Would still be cool though!
  17. I would be happy if they 1) added an uncrafting table and 2) added some new enchantments or maybe increased the level of them.
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  18. I honestly would not be ready yet for 1.14 but maybe a new crop or maybe some new nether mobs for 1.14
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  19. Birds.
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