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  1. why not Stone Supporter
    -2 reses
    -chat in wild
    -250 rupees daily
    -dark gray nametag

    COST= $2.50
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  2. Iron supporters don't get two residences and it costs 5 USD. Why should this new rank have more reses and cost less?

    Sorry, but I'm giving this a -1
  3. I agree with Wither. If "Stone" supporter got 2 reses, why should iron only get one and cost more? (Went off of what Wither said.)
  4. Well, I like your thinking considering that the MC materials do indeed go from wood, stone to iron, gold and diamond. So within that reasoning the whole thing "fits".

    But you'd have to come up with something which is lower than Iron supporter, and if you check that link you'll notice that Iron is pretty limited as it is. $5 a month which basically gets you 300 extra rupees per day (sign in bonus), 3 extra vault pages (costs 10k rupees per page to buy though), an extra stable slot and some extra tags and group entries.

    Here's the real problem...

    The theory is nice: people who can't afford $5 but $2,50 would still be persuaded to support the Empire. Yah. But there's a downside to that. Not all players get a subscription (or can get a subscription). Which means that a new rank would automatically mean more work for Krysyy to control, check and activate the whole lot.

    Now... Don't get my next comment in the wrong way; this is purely & strictly business: Performing some checks and spending 2 - 3 minutes (assumption on my part) is well paid for $5,00, esp. if you can automate stuff. But $2,50 could enter the regions of "might not be worth the effort". Because the time spend on it would be more costly than what's coming out (time is money as well company wise).

    And that's even ignoring the aftermath: what to do when something goes wrong? The more stuff you add the more things can go wrong.

    Of course that's not saying the idea is bad, it could be quite fitting (would need work on the exact details of course). But I can't help wonder if its actually doable.
  5. ShelLuser summed it up nicely.

    Now for my input: I would love a Stone Slab supportership. $100.00 a day for 50 residences and 1,000,000r per day. Along with that, you get a stone slab everyday.

    EDIT: I assume you are liking it because you agree with my idea? #AikarImplementIt
  6. Personally, I thing we're looking in the wrong direction lol. What about an emerald supporter? Say, 8 res's on one account and double the rest. Yes, it would cause more work on either end of the spectrum, but a step up would be cool. ^_^

    -1 on the stone supporter though. It seems strange to me, but hey, an opinion is an opinion.
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  7. Why would emerald be better than diamond? Diamond is way more expensive. A new supporter level should be something expensive... like supporter sponge! :p
  8. Hahaha A supporter Sponge! Yellow Name. Hmmmm 6 res's? This could work xD lol I like it!
  9. Fiiine, how about a Beacon Supporter? XD
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  10. Maybe the iron level should get 2 res, gold gets 3, and stone gets no extra buts gets some of the current iron bonuses. For a higher than diamond level we could have dragon egg level.
  11. Why not a Boat Supporter? :/
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  12. I like the stone supporter, but I suggest the only perk would be to have reserved slot. I would be ready to pay 50k per month to have a slot all time of my gameplay. Nothing more frustrating than getting kicked from your home server because peeps want to participate in some events going on.

    And then wood supporter at 1$ to have a brown name with free wood :p
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  13. I don't like the original suggestion as its pretty much between iron and gold, which isn't right. We could have a redstone supporter that gives you 3 residences?
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  14. Spruce wood fence supporter.
    Nailed it.
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  15. Light blue stained glass panes supporter.
    Nailed it more.
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  16. Activated heavy weighted pressure plate (0x4 bit value) supporter.
    Nailed it the most.
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  17. Or in 1.9: Elytra Supporter.
    A free Elytra is given to player upon purchase :p
  18. Not exactly 'free' then is it. :p
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  19. I like Quartz Supporter the best. Its free, you get a res and 100r a day. Best supporter.
  20. You get the idea :D