Ice no-melt res flag

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  1. I know this was suggested before and denied, but the reason for the deny was not given and it has been 3 years... I'm hoping that if it was denied for a technical reason that maybe the new residence flag system makes it possible? Plus it was suggested by a guy who is now a dev :D

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  2. You can pay tokens to get your res changed to an ice biome. That's how I got my ice to stay.
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  3. Mine is going to melt because my storage design uses redstone lamps to show stock levels.
  4. Just change you biome to ice, as stated above...
  5. Does a cold biome affect whether or not light sources will melt ice?
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  6. from the wiki: Ice will also melt into water if the light level immediately next to it on any side is sufficiently high (greater than 11)
    In other words it will melt despite the biome
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  7. Yeah, on my ice farm, I use torches to keep certain blocks water.
  8. I think this should be added, yet I do NOT have problems with ice this would help many people.
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  9. But changing biomes does not meet my needs because it's a light source that melts the ice. :)

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.
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  10. Good move with finding that thread. haha, I posted that thread back before Silk Touch pickaxes were even a thing. To have ice on your residence you had to freeze your own water, and push it to where you wanted. Alternatively buy from the Empire Shop for high prices.

    Regarding the suggestion. It will remain denied. Technical wise it is possible, but it more has to do with the extra computing the server must do each time something tries to melt (or check whether it should melt).
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  13. Packed Ice..
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