I think im going insane :/

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Can i borrow your straight jacket?

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  1. *sigh* Hello every body... im posting another thread...thsi time i need a lil help...i kept seeing things that werent there and thinking about stuff i shouldnt have in the past weeks...
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  2. What exactly have you been seeing?...
  3. Everyone's got a bit of insanity in them, whether a large or small amount. For example, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday ALL felt like Thursdays this week... and then Thursday felt like a Friday. Small example, but hey, just know that nobody is perfectly sane. :)
  4. I fight to be sane... But the OFHFKLBDSD>BSDFKLS still comes out.
  5. Lets just say i had no nightmares at all in my whole life... these "visions" changed it
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  6. Too much computer?
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  7. Definetly not...
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  8. We're all a little insane inside it's just depends if you let them control your life or not.
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  9. Could you maybe be less vague? I feel we may be able to help you better if you elaborated a bit more on what the problem is.
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  10. *sigh* I keep seeing like... distortions, blurs, and halucinate things like my classmates turned into zombies, chunks of them missing
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  11. My friend, I think you should see a Doctor or a Therapist.
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  12. Did...i barely escaped lol
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  13. If chunks of them are missing, thats just because you're lagging.
  14. Individuals with schizophrenia may experience hallucinations (most reported are hearing voices), delusions (often bizarre or persecutory in nature), and disorganized thinking and speech.

    Does that in anyway apply to you?
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  15. I can't decide if I am going to go xD or -_- at that...
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  16. Actually* if you spend too much time looking at a monitor you can start to see random things in your vision - and your dreams may become a fictitious repeat of what you experienced while on a computer ...

    If I play minecraft for too long - I might actually dream about minecraft and then about the people thereafter in a different area of the dream.

    If my parents are away and I hear noises - I sometimes think someone is outside ... but that's normal - it's just sometimes people's rational thoughts get jumbled with their imagination - and that's the same with dreams.

    Sometimes you can control dreams, other times you can't ... but most the time they are influenced by your daily activity.
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  17. Don't worry, I see dead people and ghosts wherever I go...

    EDIT: And sometimes I feel like I am not even there but watching through someone else's eyes.
    1 Last thing, sometimes I go completely blank and wont respond to nearly anything, and then I don't even remember this happened (my friends told me while in class that I didn't do anything for the entire lesson, which I didn't).
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  18. Texture bugs...
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  19. entirely
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  20. My thoughts entirely...
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