I think im going insane :/

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Can i borrow your straight jacket?

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  1. If he lives in a place like I do, he has no choice otherwise he has to stay inside all the time. My street is full of drug dealers and there have been 3 drug raids in the past year. There's also people smoking weed everyday outside my shop, some even snorting meth and cocaine and the like.

    Drugs aren't really all that bad. If a person wants to take them, they can take them. But they can't cry when their face is deformed due to the side-effects. Weed is no worse than tobacco, #fact. It's better...
  2. If u think ur insane come meet my family!
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  3. Weed and Tobacco are just as bad all the same.
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  4. Perhaps you should swim in a sea of potatoes.

    It calms me down, too. ;)
  5. No thanks tho... i Have a sister named Jinx :p (L.O.L pun)
  6. All right here s an update... i just woke up and i had a dream with me being batman and robin being ont he floor cut in half and i had some kind of egyptan sword (it was clean so it wasnt me )
  7. This is what I got out of that:

    Fictitious characters and cartoon characters are more referencing to you liking some aspect about what you watch on tv (batman), you wanting to have what they have, or you find it's way cool and think it would be fun to do what they do.

    However* it being batman - and being a fighter character against evil - and robin being dead ... makes me feel like you might either of watched a bad show on television

    or** that you are upset about something or are being bullied ... and your uncontrol of your dreams are trying to force your mind to vent in it's easiest way possible - which in this case is your imagination, that your mind is forming to vent when you're relaxed and sleeping...

    I wouldn't consider this a mentally unstable condition ...this seems perfectly normal to me, to be honest...

    So don't be alarmed by these dreams...

    However* if my suspicions are correct - and you are being bullied or upset about something ... that might be something you should seek advice on separately.
  8. 1.I dont watch television for about 2 years
    2.You wouldnt belive how much "rage" and hatred is in me from all those years...
    3.I think its just my sub concius trying to get revenge or something
  9. ahh yes - rage and revenge...

    What is this caused from however?
    Jealousy? It's okay to be jealous, but don't let it consume you - or you will dwell on this for a long time.

    Envious of other's? Similar to jealousy - but more on what people have, just be glad of what you have :)

    Lonely? Everyone has their own versions of 'lonely' but we are never alone in this aspect.

    Fear? Everyone also has fears ... one of the best ways to overcome fears is to either face them head on, avoidance? yeah maybe if it's a poisonous snake ... but not the best route if it's dealing with people.

    Pity? Depression; something you did in the past? That's okay, we all made mistakes - depending what it was, almost no way to take it back ... we just have to move on slowly but surely.

    Secrets? Ahh secrets (shh) no but seriously, secrets will eat at you until you either tell someone or write it down and throw it away ... If something is so bad that it needs to be kept secret ... maybe it's not something that should be a secret? Yeh social security, names, personal information - that's fine to keep secret ...things that might harm you however, also might best to be kept secret - but if it gets bad enough, maybe need to tell someone, eh?

    You think it might be one of those?

    If it will harm you don't say it ... but it might help if you get your 'rage' and 'revenge' feelings out of your mind.
  10. I live in colorado and I want to first off, comment about the weed.

    DISCLAIMER: I do not smoke weed and personally have a negative opinion about it. I am under age to smoke but what I know is based off fact.

    1. smoking pot is bad but it is hard to imagine second hand causes any hallucinations. Weed has less affect than alcohol on most people.
    2. You can control who you are around. If you feel as if this second hand is causing this, get away. You control who you are around and value your mental and physical health over teenage chums.
    3. I completely agree with Crazy1080. I do not think you have any mental illness or a serious problem worth consulting. Things like that are highly exaggerated/over diagnosed. If you do not feel this statement is true, talk to a school counselor or your parents.
    4. There is no such thing as sane. Everyone sometimes experiences that where someone things "what the heck is wrong with me" or "what am i seeing" but the brain is a complicated thing.
    I would lend you my straight jacket if you needed it but I doubt you have anything to worry about.
  11. Personally - things that help me calm down from getting upset or a rage mindset - is to make sure i'm hydrated (cold water normally - not pop ... carbonated drinks will ache your joints and make you toss and turn if you try and sleep)

    also make sure you're room is comfortable temperature - if i burn up or get too cold that doesn't help me get to sleep - that just makes me restless

    try and take some good steady breaths - maybe a few deep breaths ... try and relax your muscles ... then when you think you're mind has drifted from your previous thoughts a tad, then try and lie down and sleep.


    also leading up to calming down - try and avoid confrontations with people that generally put you down or make you upset ... If i'm around someone that generally makes me get mad too easily - it's best if I try and not be around him/her for a few hours or days - so my mind set and tension is returned to normal or reduced.
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  12. Or he's read the storyline of Robin dying and Batman leaving him, but he wasn't really dead, and thought he was abandoned. So then years later he tries to get revenge but I think he dies anyway >.>
  13. Ahem...im not interested by the batman "franchise"
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