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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by zervados, Jun 11, 2015.

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  1. It appears that somebody has stolen all of my stone slabs and I need your help to track them down! This is all I have to work with:
    • Ransom Note
    • Flint
    • Spruce Wood Planks
    • Four wheat
    Here is what the ransom note looks like. I am stumped by who would do such a thing. It appears that this will never be solved. :eek:
    Also, whether or not I have a super secret secured stone slab vault somewhere is none of your business.
  2. Your right, this case is unsolvable!
  3. Solution is pretty obvious.
    Sacrifice a gray sheep to the slab gods.
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  4. I think you should thank him for the note. It's a collectable!:cool:
  5. The other slab gods are so petty. I, the Stone Slab God, am the only Slab God that matters. (Don't get me started on how much I hate the Sandstone Slab God)
  6. After speaking with an eye witness, I have found out who it is! I will give 1000r to whoever gives me AverageWalrus' head! He will pay! He looks something like this:
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  8. I hear the Oak Slab god's been talking a bit of smack.
  9. I have an Walrus head!
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  11. AverageWalrus did it
  12. Tried my best. 2015-06-11_21.39.15.png
  13. Party with a walrus...

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  15. Oh no! let's call some staff to take care of that thief!
    /report AverageWalrus grief the stoneslab god.

    Oopps.... Welp your on your own buddy :eek:
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  16. And Thus, The Case of the Missing Stone Slabs Was Solved

    Slabs m8
  17. I'm gonna say that this was all a set up.
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  18. Detective Shell on the case! Fortunately for you guys I am not biased in any way shape or form, unless someone offers me another drink ;)

    I think I got this whole thing figured out, but do beware that the weekend started on the Friday evening for me ;)

    To solve this mystery one must not focus on the narrow vision of the Jedi alone, you need... a larger view of the force. Have I ever told you the story of Darth Plagueus the wise?

    Oh wait, that's a movie quote :p

    So lets get to the evidence....

    See, it's all clear to me now... The evidence seems to lead in this way...

    Both x7, who is online now, and walrus live on smp2 (so do I). x7 knows aphaea which could be important as well. Sky lives on smp7. However, from source material can I conclude that both servers have had their differences in the past, even somewhat resulting in a full scale war fought out on the forums.

    How does war on Minecraft work? TNT cannons. How does a TNT cannon work? Redstone. And what is the #1 block for people working with redstone? Slabs!

    The plot thickens!

    So we need to look at redstone. But; a walrus lives in water, and water blocks are the mortal enemies of redstone and redstone related blocks. One water block will wash your redstone contraption easily away. So why would a water living walrus nab blocks which are at their best when used with redstone? Even though he won't be able to use that redstone under water?

    A book is made with leather and paper, and paper is made using sugar cane. Sugar cane grows but only next to a water block so its logical to assume that walrus people would have a certain access to paper. But paper is but one half of the two required components, and walrus people and cows, needed for leather, dont' mix. Cows don't like water.

    So we should be able to determine that the book could be faked. Why would a walrus write a book?

    This leads to speculation, could walrus have been framed?

    Who would frame a walrus? Well... Perhaps someone who'd like one as a rug.

    So where does Ultimamaxx live? Smp8. And smp8 also has had its arguments with smp2 (see previous link).

    BUT. it gets worse. There are 2 involved payers living on smp2. With me included that's 3. 2 times 3 is 6. And 6 + 2 is 8. So there is definitely a connection here.

    Speaking of smp2. There is a huge Dalek there, but why is it there? Perhaps a guardian to keep certain players out? Could this be a big EMC conspiracy?

    So if this is between smp8 and smp2, where does this leave smp7? Somewhere in between.

    As such, we can only draw one conclusion here.... It were the chickens all along.

    One egg is all it takes to go from 8 to 7, and chickens lay eggs all the time, though delayed. Could that delay have been put in place to try and hide the connection between smp8 and smp7?

    My suggestion: catch a chicken and interrogate it. But beware: you may not like the truth :)
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  19. It's for fun.
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