[WAR] The SMP wars

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  1. War Has Started Again...
    (Yes this is happening again lol)

    This is a game where no one gets hurt, (They can be in pvp). But anyways this is a war to see who will win as the superior smp. This is like conquest, the playing board is different.
    Any weapon can be created to use in a attack
    If your not a ally, you must attack the next smp next to you [ex. smp8 levels smp7 to get to smp6]
    No actual verbal abuse is tolerated, but there can be trash talk
    There are alliances
    If helping a war effort, you have to use planes (ex. Utopia uses cargo planes to support smp8)
    [This doesn't apply if your helping next smp]
    [No god modeing]
    This isnt actully a war this is like a form war between smp Pride
  2. Smp9 and smp8 gain alliances creating themselves smp17. They attack smp7 leveling with tanks and infantry to get to smp6 to lay bouncing Betty traps.
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  3. Smp7 launches a nuclear emp pulse into the orbit of smp8 to knock out its technological advantage.

    Edit: offers smp6 a commercial alliance which includes free trade to join forces to corner the economy and take over EMC with our deep pockets.
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  4. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. SMP6 sends aid to SMP7 in the form of sharks with laser beams. Some call them guardians. (And no, this isnt just a way to create a buffer zone between 6 and 8)
  5. Smp9 starts to fortify smp8 preparing a attack any minute. Smp9 sent out Nuclear submarines towards smp7 at the ready. All army men retreated to smp8 boarders. (Since they were in smp7)
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  6. Smp7 offers to buy all oil at +20% market value with its new found alliance. Sends new reinforcement sharks on recon missions to keep submarines at bay. Expects depletion of smp8's oil reserves is imminent due to the loss of availability and bunkers down. Hoping the tanks tracks come to a stop soon.
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  7. i always thought of doing a war against smp's but its been taken:D
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  8. smp5 gets the popcorn out.
  9. SMP4 joins SMP5, we bought the drinksss!
  10. But whos gonna bring the cake?
  11. SMP7 brings a poisonous cake :D
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  12. Nope, your too busy fighting to come to smp5.
  13. argh my people need me ill be right there smp7!!!!!!
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  14. Smp9 fires missiles from nuclear subs hitting military bases and storage areas Of smp7. Destroys parts of trade ports
  15. Smp9 not using FoF (friend or foe) alights its own bases and storage in ablaze. Smp7 uses its new drone technology purchased from the smp8 scientists that fled smp8's war torn and destroyed economy to start bombing civilian targets in smp9 oj a terror compaign meant destroy morale and convince the citizenry that war is too bloody for them.

    Haha you edited with target smp lol.
  16. Establishes a new rule of government, regains control over people and rally up more people to join the war efforts. Starts bombing campain over smp7 and smp8 boarders. Fires make up the boarder. Smp 8 surivors are left to move to smp9 for safety reasons. All military personel are holding theline of smp8.
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  17. Smp7 employs its citizenry with ahuge contruction project: building a giant wall on the smp7/8 border. This further stimulates the economy and improves morale within smp7. Militarily its a starvation/trench warfare strategy suggested by the great general Wu in order to cut smp8/9 off from the rest of the smps economically and force further morale terrorism on our foes.
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  18. smp3 lays in wait... For the right moment
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  19. Smp7 sends smp8 dozens of fish and it reads. "Smp3 offers their hand in holy matrimony."
  20. I do not see why smp8 is hated so much by smp7... :confused:
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