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  1. To my fellow EMC community. I have to admit I have a profound love of trains ever since I was a little kid. With Trains kinda integral to the Minecraft experience, I pose this question to you all? What is your favorite train? Post pictures, discuss stats, ect.
    I'll start off with the GG1. One of my favorite of all trains! :D

    It looks so weird but really cool in my opinion! :D
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  2. Dude I swear I was the only one.

    I Ravage in the history of Colorado's railroading history. It is quite honestly the best. I am actually working on a build in my single player which works on the a railroad route called Tennessee pass. It wont be in the works on EMC till you know I am unbanned but beyond that point this what passed by there.

    This is the Rio Grande engine 5378.

    This is the EMD SD40T-2 engine. What really made these popular here in the Rocky Mountain region and a must buy was the upgrade of the cooling system providing a larger Radiator from the possessor SD40-2. I love the paint scheme of the Rio Grande and probably the most recognizable here in my state.

    I will be back in this thread if you want more about Colorado's Railroad history :p
  3. I mean, who doesnt?
  4. I like a lot of trains, but I don't really know many models. I like many DB ones, and some of the NS are great too.
    I also love Märklin. I don't collect myself, but I have access to a big collection from my father. I forgot the name of my favourite locomotive, but this has been my favourite carriage since childhood:
    and we've got like a dozen of them :p
  5. Best train EVER
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  6. I'm not really a train fan, but there's one train which I really like to see and to ride in. After a few trips to Berlin in this one I'm totally and completely hooked (on both Berlin & the ICE :D):

    Just so we're clear: this is not frozen water :p The I.C.E. is an abbreviation which stands for InterCity Express and I think it's no surprise that this is the pride of the Deutsche Bahn.
  7. Here is something is special about Colorado. Way back when, majority of the railroad lines were narrow gauge in Colorado. What is narrow gauge you may ask? Well all railroads you might see today have a certain width between rails. They have a set Standard and you got the idea it is Standard gauge. How far apart are these rails? Well that answer is 4 feet 8 1⁄2 inches. Anything smaller is narrow gauge. These railroads had a 3ft width between rails and I tell ya, they are little stocky engines meant for power to carry ore from the Colorado mines and means of transferring cargo between standard and narrow gauge.

    This is a narrow-gauge Mikado 2-8-2 Class K-37 #476

    The RioGrande used narrow Gauge even after the Dieselization of their railroad. Most of them died off in the 1940s to be resurrected into scenic railroad excursions.
  8. My favorite train :p

    P.S. The title of this thread reminds me of I like turtles XD
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  9. I don't know, I don't really like those modern fast things, But I like thease things, this is the first Dutch train btw, but I think most people don't care :)

    something I do also like, are the really new trains, but that is, to be fair, more because I like the maths behinde it :)
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  10. George Town Train!!!!!!! I've only been on it once but it was awesome!

    Sorry just had to XD
  11. If you are ever in North Carolina around Greensboro or Charlotte this is a very cool place to go to.....went there on a field trip when I was in school and took my own kids there one fall for the Thomas the Tank Engine festival.
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  12. How could no one have posted this before?

  13. Pennsylvania is rather steeped in historic railroad stuff. It'd be hard to live in the area and not have at least a vague appreciation for it. ;) Also, +1 from me for Pennsylvania RR being the first pics.
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  14. PRR "The Standard Railroad of the world" It's a shame they had to merge with New York Central. Such a shame that it's been replaced with Amtrak :(
  15. Not everything New York Central is bad. My favorite:
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  16. Trains, trains, (skeleton noise) err I mean trains hehe
  17. I actually didn't get to this engine and what fascinates me is that they used these electric traction engines to pull freight and passengers. This model was the longest running as well made in 1937-1943 and finally retiring the last GG1 from service in 1983.

    There was also a push to give higher voltage in the overhanging wires which drove the GG1's downfall. Crazy thing is that it never happened.

    Of the 139 that were built, only 15 and the prototype of the GG1 survive. They are preserved in museums and won't be able to work again due to the age of the transformers on the engines.
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  18. There's this locomotive I like but I didn't know its name so couldn't look it up.
    It just appeared in a Google Ad, though (ha, I actually profit off not deleting ads :p), so I took a screenshot and cropped it out, perhaps you know what it is.
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  19. That engine is actually off a game that I used to play called Rail Nation. That is the first engine you get in Era 4 called the Apollo. It is a diesel electric engine.

    Don't worry I can get names for most of them :p
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  20. Yeah, I saw it in an ad for Rail Nation, but the game didn't invent it, right? I mean, I think I might actually have one or two Märklin versions of it laying around somewhere, or perhaps my father sold it.
    Searching Apollo diesel electric engine doesn't let me find it :\