I have left EMC, if you want any of my builds/ress, tell me

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  1. Hi all.

    I don't want to spend a long time dealing with this, so want to keep it simple. I have left EMC, and if I was on your end of this situation, I'd want me to make sure builds/resources, etc go to the right people, and not left for scavengers. For that reason, I'd like people genuinely interested in using/maintaining builds or reses to have them. But ultimately, they must go to someone to do whatever they want with them.

    Perhaps A staff member who knows me would like to take over this for me? Take ownership of everything I have, and dish it out to whoever should have it?
    Projects that were shared ownership obviously are now owned by existing players there. :) They can decide what to do with my locked chests.

    I don't even know all the areas/builds I have, so if you find one, or know of one, just send me a request.

    I currently own 4 residences:

    smp5 - 10022 - incomplete new shop build, hollowed out to bedrock.
    smp5 - 10023 - main old shop complex, lots of resources
    smp5 - 10034 - nothing there, except a few stone/cobble shops.
    smp6 - 12060 - villager project - samsimx can take ownership and do whatever with.

    smp5 wild iron farm is already given to 3 players as per signs i placed at the farm.

    If you want ownership of any other area/project, tell me and i can tell staff and make it official. New owners can remove any locks/chestshop signs they want. Either skype me to come do it, or staff can do it? not sure.

    I won't post up reasons for leaving, don't want to start any unnecessary drama. However, I am happy playing another server now, quite different from EMC, but awesome. Getting in contact with me for EMC stuff is best done via skype. If I know you, mail me to get my skype. (Don't want to post it here for every random to skype me lol).
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  2. we will miss you and thanks for your Impact on the EMC community

    if you want you can give me.......................................A good bye Hug(can be in words)

    I think i can keep your 10023 shop running so i would thank you if you gave it to me :) or maybe ill return the material to the community on my 1000th day drop party

    although i do not have a second res available for using, i will maintain it...

    Im not gonna(going to, is the correct spelling and i know it) like this thread because i don´t like that your a re leaving
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  3. :hug:
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  4. You were a great member of the community Scruffy. I never talked with you a ton, but I respect you for your time served as moderator and how involved in the community you were. I wish you the best in all your future endeavors. Stay classy.
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  5. Never got to meet you but used/saw a lot of your builds. Shame your leaving. I thank you for trusting your iron farm to myself, Dektirok & f_builder. We will keep it in working order :)
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  6. I think it's a shame to hear that you lost interest in EMC, however I do want to commend you for putting effort into trying to keep your residences and builds enjoyable and usable by the community. That only deserves respect in my opinion.

    So yeah, I really hope you're going to have a great time on the "other place" and well.. Maybe we'll see you again someday?

    Take care and all the best!
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  7. noooooooooooooooooooooooo
  8. You will be missed. GL for the future!
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  9. I did spend some quality time with you and got to know you a bit. you were always honest and involved in the community and its always great to see people like that. though i dont like that you have left i am glad you at least found a new place to spend your time. just be sure not to be a stranger we are not going anywhere so pop in from time to time to see how things are going :)
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  10. I hope you have a good time, on the place "somewere else".
    And when there is nobodey else who whants it... I whould love ít to get your res 10022. couse I want to be build a HUGE auto farm complex. But only if I understand it Well, that I just have 2 resses for now and I can make 3 of them...
    (When somebodey ele wants it, no problem.)
    (I whould LOVE it when you're send a by you signed book to my :D, or some r :p )

    As I and many others Saïd, I Will miss you and, have a great time!
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  11. Feel free to send all your rupees my way... ;)

    It's too bad that you are leaving but sometimes something different is needed. You are always welcome back (as I am sure you know). Look forward to our paths crossing again sometime soon.
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  12. Adios and have fun in your travels of life
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  13. Noooo scruffy :3 sad to see you leave :/ you will be missed! Havnt spoke to you for a while well since you helped me out on 6 good luck! :)
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  14. I wil forever hold your original autobiography ;)
    It's an honor to have known you, and I will forever keep you in my memory.
    I hope I can grab your skype!

    Live long and prosper!
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  15. *Tears up*

    Bye, we will miss you
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  16. Sad to see you go Scruffy, I'll miss seeing you around. Have fun!
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  17. I never got to know you but good luck on your lifes adventures!!!!
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  18. You will be missed <3

    *waits 5 minutes*
    Is this the appropriate amount of time to wait before I ask for all of your stone slabs? The Stone Slab Order does not like to waste precious blocks.
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  19. Ayy, Aikar viewed your thread :p
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  20. Sad to see you leave, :( You did so much for smp5 and EMC.

    I wish you all the best in what you do next!
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