I am sick and tired of these issues

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by thecontroller, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. These issues needs to be addressed right away. As you all know EMC has supporters because those supporters think that EMC is a great server and we the supporters help fund EMC. Some supporters do it for the perks and some do it because they are generous or sometimes both. I am starting to think EMC is getting sloppy and I don't like that. I and all supporters pay a certain amount of money to keep EMC alive. Not allot of things are getting done in EMC since the last server SMP8 and SMP9 came out. This issue must have been addressed a few or couple more times.
    • First problem is that people keep egging other peoples residence and I am getting sick and tired of these [**CREEPERS**] that keep egging my and few other peoples residences.
    • Second issue that needs to be addressed is that newbies are getting more annoying because they keep asking questions on "how do I claim my residence" and a few more other questions. The EMC maze needs to be more difficult.
    • Third issue that has been said "to be in the works" but well its not... This issue is concerning the Ender Dragon and their eggs. The admins and the former admin said that "All players will have a chance to battle the Ender Dragon" I ask you staff of EMC, where is this "chance to battle"?
    • The fourth issue is that the voting perks is not good enough! People don't vote because the perks that are the default (50 rupees) is NOT enough! If you give somewhat of a benefit from voting maybe actual people will vote. Other servers that are younger than EMC has more votes because they give fair benefits, such as more money OR an exclusive perk that expires in a set amount of time that people earn when voting.
    • The fifth issue but it's really not major but needs to be addressed because EMC is getting boring. The arenas need to be implemented sooner or later because if not, I am going to quit supporting EMC because there is no reason to support a dying cause. You heard what I said, a dying cause.
    The above issues needs to be addressed or sooner or later EMC will die.
  2. FIX THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Yeah I agree on many of these. (mainly the newbies one). I mean right when you get out of the tutorial, there is a sign that says -type /res open to go to an open res- Do people just not know how to read. As well as the enderdragon, I want to battle it! Also saying I'm becoming a supporter after 1.3. so chop chop emc!
  4. some times i see new players just skip the signs and go to the shop then later "how do i claim a res?"
  5. I agree deeply..
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  6. I personally highly dislike the idea of #3. I'm fine with battling the dragon, but make the eggs drop and you'll take away the one item in EMC worth more than 5k rupees (and that's enchanted axes). A diamond block is worth 450r on a good day, and most supporters have plenty of rupees. Dragon eggs are an end goal that keep the game from becoming creative mode for high end players. I KNOW i'll be in the major minority here (since there's 5 owners to the countless masses), but that's my opinion. I'd still move mountains for a chance at a dragon egg.

    The first problem does need to be fixed, I agree.

    The second one I haven't noticed more players, and I'm not sure that a more complex maze would fix it.

    #4 is extremly true. I've started voting again thanks to these posts, but I had stopped because 50r is indeed a drop in the pail.

    I've already made a forum topic about #5. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/a-call-to-return-to-the-roots-of-emc.10133/#post-148314
  7. Well as for issue number 2 a more difficult maze will make the "troll" user more aggravated which will force him to read the Empire Guide.
  8. I'm still mad at you for owning the smp4 dragon egg :( but yeah they shouldn't drop dragon eggs, just the giant amount of xp is fine with me.
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  9. I agree we should increse the benefits of voting like maybe make 100r everytimee you vote, and the egging issue could be solved by adding something like a flag and for the one about the "newbies" instead of just ingnoring why not help them it'll probaly make their time in the empirew more enjoyable and proably a littlel onger.
  10. O' I help then all that come through.
  11. True. I had to read the guide to get through it the first time. I'm just curious why it's been getting worse (i haven't noticed it), since it worked before.
  12. No. Noobs will just Google the answers.
  13. Wouldn't that solve the problem? It would make them actually read it, at least more then it is now.
  14. How can you Google something? I have not seen one chat sheet about EMC except the Empire Guide.
  15. THIS has to be noticed and read by everyone.
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  16. There are videos on Youtube showing how to pass the tutorial by showing the answers. People are to lazy to read the guide.
  17. Its noticed by me so everyones gonna know. :p
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  18. And me dont forget me.
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  19. Yeah only 50r for voting is ridiculous.
  20. i had to restrict movement on my own res, and built tall walls over the sides because someone egged my res with over 200 chickens. i was sooooo mad

    is it really that hard for people to read the guide?
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