Hylian builds

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  1. Hello, people. Some of my current builds I'd like to share:

    The Giant Pixel Lady(tm)

    Unfinished, but advancing pretty well. Many sheep have contributed to it, thanks to them all !

    The Hylian Gateway(tm)

    This is the gate at the entrance of the safe area of the outpost.

    The Welcome Visitors Art(tm)

    It welcomes the tired traveller at the travel center in the nether.

    I hope you like them !
  2. Wow lauwenmark! These are some really impressive pixel arts! I have my own little Nyan cat, but this puts that to shame :O
  3. That ain't just some old pixel art.. Damn..
  4. Wow! Those are amazing!
    For the pixel art, did you get the sprites from elsewhere or did you create them yourself? I'd guess the first, but I wouldn't know.
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  5. The Zelda+Epona one is an existing pixel art I found in one of my sprites archive. I didn't draw it, but I don't know where I got it from.

    The second is a conversion of the cover of a French comic called 'Powa!' that I enjoy a lot. Its original author is Ben Fiquet, and the finished pixel art on emc will have his name credited (likely on the top-left part of the picture).

    So no, I drew neither of these... Though once the Giant Lady is finished, I definitely plan to make one of my own drawing as a minecraft pixel art ! This is difficult though, as nearly all my artwork is made with black pencils, charcoal and such, and are thus hard to properly render in the limited set of grey/black tones minecraft offers. I'm working on a colored one, though, specifically for that purpose. So now you know my secret plans! :D
  6. Ah, cool! Thanks for the extensive response!
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  7. Those are amazing. I like how the first one is amazingly large and detailed, and the second is smaller, allowing for fewer details, but it still works perfectly. Smaller pixel art is the real challenge.
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  8. finally a thread for your amazingness lauwenmark :p
  9. The Temple of the Holy Sand of the Green Giant(tm) has been built.

    Followers of the Holy Sand(tm) now got a home!
  10. Neat :)

    I see you're placing torches on fences, you're the first one I see who's also doing that :) my second residence (I'ace reseted my res two times, not /v jelle68 2 ) was completely lighted like that, I forgot that I did do that for a long time (I think it was like 2 years ago) but I still like that Idea, momories :)
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  11. WHOAH....

    You can leave out 'pixel' in the pixelart in my opinion, because that's what this whole thing is. Very impressive indeed Lauwenmark, this is amazing! Thanks a bunch for sharing, much appreciated!
  12. I ioften do that, though there is no such thing on that picture - the torches are actually behind the fences.
    Thanks for your comment!
    Thanks! Though it isn't that much of a great building... It was just because we had fun with some named sand blocks :D
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  13. I finally did it. The Giant Pixel Lady(tm) is now complete. Just in time for Christmas !

  14. Wow this is amazing! You did an amazing job on these :D
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  15. These... are so fascinating...
  16. Wow! I was actually telling my friends about this last night and told them to check it out. So happy you finally got to finish :)
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  17. All are really incredible... I am blown away the detail in the pixel art... and the talent you have to create something this amazing!
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