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  1. I love playing on the Empire server. I recently just built a house and I wanted to know if there was a way to do /sethome or a command of that sort. I would like to venture away from my home, but I do not wish to get lost or go thousands of blocks back. Thank you for your time.
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  2. you can set you bed spwan place by sleeping, but you arn't able to teleport in the wastelands, you can also, of corse, write your co├Ârdinats down "somewere" and use /deathlog if you're dead and want to know where you died :)
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  3. You can also use the live map to not get lost
  4. Save the cords on a piece of paper and use /map or f3
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  5. If you looked in the Approved Mods thread there are a few mods you can use that have the ability to save "waypoints" which will be a visual marker to where your home is. That is as close to a save point as they have in Minecraft, along with setting a bed down and sleeping in it which will make it so that when you die you go back to your home.
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  6. As the others already said you can't teleport in the Empire, also because EMC sits close to vanilla gameplay. But there are some options to help you find your way back: a compass. Get a new compass (soulbound, so you can't lose it) using: /assist new. Now you have several options...

    If you have a bed in your building then use it (right click, doesn't matter if its day or night) and that will set your spawn point. So if you die you'll end up here. But there' s more: using the command: /compass bed will point your compass to the bed (spawn point), which can make it a lot easier to find your building again.

    Another option is to use /loc while you're standing near it; this shows you your current location. What I usually do is immediately press F2 so that you get a screenshot from it. If you want to go back to that location then you can use: /compass set x z, where x and z are your x and z coordinates. So all you have to do now is to follow your compass home.

    Also: /compass spawn will point your compass to the closest outpost, so if you need to go back to town then this could also help there.

    Hope this gives you some more ideas!
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  7. You could put a bed down, set it as your spawn point, press F3 and write down your xyz points and keep the coordinates somewhere. You could also use the live map to kinda know your house's area.

    Also, if you're talking about your home plot, just do /home in Town.
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