How did you get your Minecraft Name?

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I was talking with a few friends and asked how they got there names for Minecraft. It was really cool of the stories they had that all added up to go to there names :) Sooo as the title says, How did you get you minecraft name? If you feel comfortable sharing it then go right ahead. So for example, me my name is Patrick and I remembered St.Patrick from Ireland. So i put Lucky and Pat together and got Luckypat :D (ironic how i have a leprechaun skin eh? ;))
    Hope you guys like the Idea and if someone has already made a thread about it ill close it lol :confused:
  2. Gosh... it describes me XD
  3. Haha
  4. I got my MC name from like 7 years ago, I wanted to make it just Trent (because I didn't know that it couldn't be Trent and the reason I didn't know was b/c of my age) the site suggested names one of them being trent948, After that when I got my accounts for stuff like PSN, MC, etc. I have used trent948 for my user name
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  5. idk, i got this account from a friend :p
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  6. Cool! :)
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  7. lol, you could always ask him/her
  8. Lol it was free i guess so the name wouldnt matter ;)
  9. thanks! :D
  10. Roblox, honestly. My first account was Cds0199, with Cds being my initials. I made a Minecraft account with Cds0199, but didn't buy the game. Mrlegitislegit was my alt account on Roblox.
  11. Cool, so i guess your a pretty legit guy eh? lol
  12. ummm... ok...
  13. Did what?
  14. There is actually another thread about this
  15. Basically we had to come up with adjectives back in elementary school that started with our initials. I couldn't think of anything else so I choose jokerman. Soon I got creative with it and got rid of the vowels and added a j at the end. That gave me jkrmnj and has since been my username for everything.
  16. Seems creative :)
  17. I'm the 5th Person.. That's Epic..
    I thought of it.
  18. Ahem. One day, I went on build-a-bear online, I wanted to make an account. I entered something that I don't really remember, but, it gave me 3 suggestions. I chose one. Zoebearfun105.

    Ahem. Another day, I realized I wanted an alt. Me not knowing what I wanted it to be named, I paired two things that I enjoyed very much. The word Cordial, which I had learned that recent week in language arts, and Pie, because who doesn't love pie? (you know who you are, I will find you) I added an underscore, and walla, Cordial_Pie.

    One other day, I wanted a third alt for whatever reasons, and I didn't know what to name it. I got many suggestions from friends, one including IcecreamFudge, and I named that third alt IcecreamFudge.

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  19. Well... at the time, I was kind of obsessed with the Akatsuki from Naruto... Just guess which character my name describes... :l