Hoppers under Town Road

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  1. If I were to pay for a road edit, would I be able to have functioning hoppers run underneath the town road for transporting items to another of my residences? It would be just stone.

    I did search for any previous threads about this but did not find any.

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  2. According to Elfin a few months back, it is possible for hoppers to transfer items over/under the road.
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  3. If it's any help, you can see functioning examples under the road between 6178 and 6179 :)
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  4. Hoppers? Why not a cool train track? ;) That way you can move carts around. Carts with hoppers, carts with chests and even carts with TNT :D
  5. Yea, I have been thinking about getting hoppers under the road, because I have too many chicken eggs on one res.
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  6. Yes, you can, but I highly recommend you to use a water-stream based system though: it is more lagg-friendly (server side), faster, and a lot cheaper.
    Mainly the lagg though: it isn't that much more work to make redstone-based systems lagg-friendly, usually, there are only four things that cause a lot of lagg: (unlocked) Hoppers with nothing on top of it, hoppers that are full and pointing into a full chest, hoppers that are full and are trying to empty a full chest, and redstone dust. (active) pistons / blocked hoppers (NOT with furnaces, that is a ticking tile entety too: use droppers) cause a lot less lagg. For the rest: basically, the newer a component, the less lagg it creates. (excludes rails, those are lagg-friendly too)
  7. Awesome thanks everyone!
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  8. What happens if you have hoppers at the end of the streem and the hoppers fill up won't it make lag not recolling mumbo jumbo crashing the hermitcraft server
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  9. Please don't bring up other Minecraft servers on EMC forums (or in-game) :)
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  10. Yes. It's the EMC rules. Server advertising can be punished by anything up to and including a permanent ban from in-game and/or the forums (as I recall from the wiki).
  11. Hermitcraft isn't really a server, more of a place for YouTubers to make videos. I don't see any harm in mentioning it.
  12. I have them. Its how I stock my shop next door.:D
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  13. Ahh alright. Thank you for informing me :)
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  14. Thanks for letting me know. I think technically it's a server, but just a private one for some YouTubers to make videos together.
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  15. I wouldn't say about it if you could join it
    But yea
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  16. Welll... Mumbo is TERRIBLE at technical minecraft. he knows something about redstonne, but hhe doesn't seem to understand that you should just look in the game code when you don't understand it... (or, like me, listen to people explaining the critical parts of the code for what you want to do.)
    he didn't seen to understand you need to check what the server reder distance is, to make sure the items don't transport into the passive chucks, when you're afk. Or let the items go to a hopper for a short time every second chuck. I would personally go for a system thhat locks thhe transport when the storage is unloaded, wich you can easyly do: just abuse the fact that almost every chhuck-loading methhod is blocked on emc.