HOLY mother of god... Speachless

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  1. I did this test carefully reading every answer and at the end.. oh my god ...

    I quickly told my mother to do the test and we ended both answering Red and a Hammer
  2. Hokum. I thought of a blue calculator.
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  3. I'm part of that 2 percent.. lol

    Chose a Green Wrench
  4. Mine was red rake :p
  5. Same result - nice :eek:
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  6. :eek:
    I can't remember if my hammer was pink or red :p
    But I guess it was red.

    My mum had a grey calculator :p
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  7. Lol your post influences the answer because we can see Red and Hammer before we take the test, at least if you hover your mouse over the post title before you click on it too see what its about.
  8. Blue hammer..... xD
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  9. Hmm, Green sword.
  10. I got green pickaxe... :p
  11. i got yellow banana :D
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  12. rofl :rolleyes:
  13. same here except my wrench was yellow
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  14. I thought of "red shovel" but it took me a second or two to think of a tool. Guess I'm special.
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  15. Blue screwdriver lol
  16. Also, I think it's speechless ;)
  17. Grey handcuffs lol
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  18. Blue shovel. =)
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  19. I got a blue potato, and I have it in me to take this whole thing with a grain of salt.
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