Hole in terrain in SMP6 Wastes

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  1. There is literally a hole in the terrain. Before anyone asks, my chunks are all fully loaded at this point, I was boating and then fell partly down this thing. Not only is the ground missing, including bedrock, but so is the water.

    What happened here? :eek:
  2. Did you login/logout to check if it was still there?
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  3. Wow that's crazy you can build on the bottom of the bedrock!
  4. Why is your framerate set to unlimited? It would be best to turn on v-sync.
  5. Maybe it's your texture pack get someone else out there and ask them if they see it
  6. Chunk error. It sometimes happens during world generation. I would recommend barricading it do nobody else falls in and dies.
  7. I thought that only happens with land chunks?
  8. Yep. Still there.

    Not sure what vsync even is or what the difference is, but okay.

    Also, not my texture pack. I switched to default and the thing was still there.
  9. This is a visual (client side) glitch. There is no chunk load error. When my connection gets to a ping of 1200+ I tend to see lots of unloaded chunks like this but other things can cause the client to not get the chunk data.
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  11. Agreed, however; although he doesn't say it out loud something tells me that Mr Socks did his homework before making that statement:

    (I got curious too) ;)

    edit: either that or they fixed it in secret of course... can't rule that one out either.
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  12. Those are client side errors. Happens to me sometimes, and the best way to fix it is just going inside that chunk, that will load it.
  13. Just to confuse you Shell. :p
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  14. Sometimes there are clientside burps that make chunks not spawn properly.. This is usually consistent as it is pushed into the world data for said world in your client cache. I once had this issue on smp6 as well when boats broke and could not be used properly and I was stuck in my boat swimming around at the -80th to -240th layer, unable to leave my boat.. xD
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  15. i miss those errors, drowning in a boat that wont float
  16. So many errors. XD Well, when I went by the same area a few hours back, I looked for the 'hole' again, and this time didn't see it, so it may be, as many of you said, a client side glitch, that resolved itself after I restarted the game entirely and not just logged out and back in.
  17. Although I wouldn't deny I am capable of such deception. In this case it was just as I said-a client side glitch-and nothing more :p
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  18. This seems an oversimplification of the problem. that may be the effect of the problem but the cause is not client side. This is happening to a LOT of people lately. My ping is rarely if ever that high and some of the people I have talked to that it is effecting don't have latency issues either. There is something going on with either a recent update to EMC or another Mojang bug.
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  19. This problem is persistant. I still have no lag from my ISP/computer and my ping is generally around 100 or less and any time I jump on a minerail I get this problem. I have only had the problem while not on a minerail or boat twice but that was over a weeks time.

    Edit: it seems to happen more in the nether as I was mining with speed 2 pots at full sprint and ran into it twice the day before yesterday, i forgot about that.