[Hiring] Miners (~8k/hr)

Discussion in 'Player Jobs Available' started by azoundria, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Hi azoundria, how so I get there again? I plan on mining tomorrow.
  2. Looks like I missed you. I will PM you some information and hope it helps.
  3. Do I need to PM to join? I have experience in forge and mining
  4. Miner Application
    Username: Arieskidatheart
    Days On EMC: 1483
    Primary SMP: Utopia/smp7

    What pickaxes do you have already? God pick with silk or fortune
    What armour do you have already? God diamond armour with mending

    What mod do we use to speed up mining? Auto switch or Inverntory tweaks
    What are the 3 Ls for passages above? Lighted, leveled, lava free
    What is the deposit to start mining and what does it cover? 12k and for griefing
    How many blocks between each hall with chests? 250m
    What do you do with mined goods? Put it in a chest and Lock it
    What do you have to worry about when filling in holes after mining ores? Silverfish or pits

    What ores can you expect to find in a mine? Diaomnds, Lapiz, coal, iron, gold, emeralds
    How can you quickly neutralize a pool of lava? Water bucket
    What can you do to quickly mine through the top layer of obsidian? make a block of water and mine around that water
    What should you do if you fall into a pool of lava? drink Fire resitannce potion
    What should you do in a situation where you are swarmed with mobs and almost dead? Build upand box youself in to heal
    What should be done before mining diamonds? mine around the diamonds to possibly fiind more
    Should you ever mine the block above/below you? never

    What is the nearest major city to you? (Or what is your IANA timezone from this list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tz_database_time_zones.) Nashville or central time zone
    When are you available for training? (Give a few possible times.)Weekdays: 4-12pm CST
    How often do you expect to be mining each week? (For planning purposes, there's no required level of activity.) Very often
    Do you any specific financial goal? To fund my secret Project
    Is there anything you hope to get out of using the mine specifically? Nope