[Hiring] Miners (~8k/hr)

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  1. I am currently looking for new miners to join my mining operation in the wilderness. As a miner, you would be able to:
    • Access the largest mine on EMC with over 164km of tunnel.
    • Receive personal training in the use of all systems, effective mining techniques (which picks to use, lava handling, different techniques). Training takes about an hour.
    • Receive all the pickaxes you need to mine effectively (one set of Efficiency IV, Silk Touch, and Fortune III), plus free armour, tools, food, etc...
    • Receive regular payments at guaranteed rates without having to search for a mall, wait for anyone to buy your stuff, or even go to town. I was able to earn over 10k in my first hour with Fortune 3, Silk Touch, and Efficiency IV. Rates for materials like obsidian can go even higher (I average 20-30k/hr)
    • Keep mining continuously. Simply stash your stuff in a minecart, submit a report, and mine the next tunnel.
    • Access stocked chests in halls (every 250 meters) with torches, logs, minecarts, chests, and food. As a miner, you are free to take whatever supplies you need for mining.
    • Use beds, enchanting tables, water sources, ovens (special system for instant smelting/XP), and anvils easily accessible from every station. No need to leave the mine. You can easily enchant or repair your pickaxes as you mine.
    • Use the portal network for quick access through the entire mine.
    • Explore the custom live map featuring all tunnels and stations built to date. (There is presently well over 164km of mine tunnels, and expansion continues.)
    • Be safe. Use regularly spaced beds to ensure you can always recover your stuff easily. All tunnels are kept level, lit, and lava-free. Each hallway has doors to every mine to prevent mobs from entering. Dying is a horribly inefficient way to make money.
    • Compete with other miners for ranks and highscores. Daily and weekly rankings.
    • Receive statistics on each run to help improve efficiency.
    • Attend group mining events. Mine with other miners to get Haste benefits, learn even faster mining techniques, or for more fun.
    In order to mitigate theft and damage, train new miners, and cover the cost of maintaining the mines and providing all the supplies and materials, I charge a 14k deposit which covers everything! You can easily make it back in the first 2-4 hours of training/mining. This also prevents someone from coming out and stealing or vandalizing the mine, and if they do decide to do that, then they've already paid money that can be used to replace items and repair it once their account is banned. (We have only had one major incident so far.) Should you die in lava, replacement pickaxes are available for 9k. All other supplies and tools are replaced free of charge.

    I am looking for honest, hardworking, independent, courteous, and monetarily-motivated individuals who wish to make a fortune. I will provide training. The following are assets (meaning helpful but not required):
    • Experience with Minecraft Forge and installing mods. AutoSwitch is incredibly useful and will save you loads of time (=more rupees) and also save your life.
    • Basic experience with AutoSwitch configuration.
    • Armour already. Preferably diamond. I have lots of armour in the mines if you don't have any.
    • Past mining experience.
    • Been on EMC longer.
    Note: AutoSwitch is an approved mod, however it does not work with 1.9 or 1.10 presently, so it is not listed on EMC wiki. It's use is not required, only very helpful to mine more efficiently.

    Responsibilities include:
    • Mining sections from start to finish in a straight line, including the obsidian (which does make lots of rupees).
    • Exploring and securing caves up to height ~24.
    • Filling in holes in the mine with cobble or free dirt:
      • To ensure it is left level for fast movement. (No need to jump or move around obstacles if traversing the tunnel normally.)
      • To ensure there are no pits that a miner can fall in and be stuck when trying to recover their stuff after dying. (ie no jumps required > 1 block)
      • To ensure no dark areas where mobs spawn and ambush unsuspecting miners later.
    • Plugging all nearby water and lava that interferes with getting around.
    • All passages must be left Level, Lit, and Lava-free.
    • Not dying on a regular basis. (Preferably at all.)
    • Accurate online reporting of items which are placed in the minecart.
    The mine is on SMP1. It is actually ideal if you are on another SMP, because once you are in the mine you can log into SMP1 anytime you need rupees and not have to travel back/forth to town. If you are on SMP1, you must be free/willing to spend considerable time in the wild, or you must have an alternate account which you can use to mine.

    If you have any questions or suggestions please post below.
  2. I have a couple questions.
    • What is the pay per item?
    • What are the expectations in productivity?
    • How far out is the base?
  3. I'm confused. In comprehension it says What mod do we use to speed up mining?

    I thought mods werent allowed on Emc
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  5. Here is the present calculator:
    Remember that you get paid for everything you mine without any hassle. A typical payout for mining 250 blocks is between 1,200 to 3,200, and could go even higher if you hit good caves. I can mine about a kilometer and a half per hour on average. 250 blocks is about when the inventory gets full on average, so it works very well to mine, stash, file, mine, stash, file, and just repeat. Rail stations are located every 50 blocks on the halls, so you will never have to travel more than 25 blocks with any material.

    Mining on your own, with each load you have to (1) get to town (10 min), (2) get to a shop (5 min+), (3) unload the stuff (5 min+), (4) get back to your mine (10 min). It means 30 minutes per load. With my mine it takes about 3 minutes to unload the material and complete that report. Considering getting the material itself takes about 7 minutes, it's a huge waste of time and you can can be many times more productive. You might be able to earn 20% more by selling stuff in town, but you will earn that 3 or 4 times less often. So you really make 30-40% of what you could be making.

    You can set your own schedule of how much you want to produce and how often you want to mine. Everyone has their own goals of how much they want to make.

    The closest portion of the base is 11,704 blocks from the nearest outpost, although the mine itself is 4,000 blocks wide and over 1,000 blocks high. Some parts of the mine were originally undiscovered chunks, so it's almost completely untouched territory. You are not responsible to transport any materials back to town or anywhere at all, so you just get the benefit of untouched mining ground.

    AutoSwitch is an approved mod.
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  6. Have not had good buissness lately, and have been completely anti-social here for a little bit, so let's hope to change that ;)

    I may not be able to work extensively until the end of October because I have lots of schoolwork.
  7. So your going to mine 89km of the frontier wilderness? Or is this in the wasteland?
  8. 89km have already been mined by me personally. The final mine will be ~800km (4km branches every 5 blocks for 1km), plus I can just expand it. I've had to put this in the wilderness because the wasteland resets so I can't build any permanent infrastructure, and I've already invested in several kilometers of rail lines. I'd rather not have to rebuild the mine every update. The mine is very beautiful and organized and definitely not an eyesore.
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  9. I'm in. :3

    Everything was simple and easy, except for the fact that the entire mine is at level 10, so you are not above the lava. That really it under my skin quickly. Everything else was easy, but at first at least, the lava was a real pain.

    I made a good 2k in the first 20 minutes. Not too bad. :D
  10. This is the most organized and cost-efficient version of mining I've seen. This is pretty much perfected.
  11. Thanks guys! I just expanded the east end of the mine with 5 new enchanting tables so if either of you feel like going somewhere fresh, it's on the mine map. I'm also working on getting enderchests at every station (though that obviously takes a lot of obsidian). I increased the price of obsidian to 7.5r each.

    Some modifications to the report to make it easier. The X and Z from the last report are saved, so they don't have to be filled in again each time. If you are mining in a straight line, the coordinates should be completely automatic.

    We are now at almost 94km of mined tunnel! I am going to give a bonus 500r to the miner who completes the 100th kilometer of tunnel!

    I was aiming for a crew of 3, so I do have room to take on one more miner if someone is interested. I probably still wont expand the team past 3 until November, even though so far things are going very well!
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  12. how do i do the miner application?
  13. You post your response to the questions quoted in my first post here or in a PM.
  14. Sounds good :p I will definitely think about this
  15. Miner Application
    Username: aus666
    Days On EMC: 24
    Primary SMP: SMP9

    What pickaxes do you have already? Starter Pickaxe
    What armour do you have already? leather armour

    What mod do we use to speed up mining?AutoSwitch
    What are the 3 Ls for passages above?Lighted, level, and lava free
    What is the deposit to start mining and what does it cover?The 12k covers pickaxes, and is used in case someone comes to grief the mine
    How many blocks between each hall with chests?250 metres
    What do you do with mined goods?Put them in a chest and report it to you
    What do you have to worry about when filling in holes after mining ores?Mob spawns, pit traps, and pits that can slow movement

    What ores can you expect to find in a mine?cole, redstone, diamond, emeralds, iron, gold, lapis lazuli
    How can you quickly neutralize a pool of lava?with a bucket of water
    What can you do to quickly mine through the top layer of obsidian?Make sure there is water over the block you're mining
    What should you do if you fall into a pool of lava? Drink a fire resistance potion
    What should you do in a situation where you are swarmed with mobs and almost dead?surround yourself in cobblestone, place torches and regenerate health
    What should be done before mining diamonds?make sure your using a diamond, iron or gold pick and check a block near it that you can mine for lava
    Should you ever mine the block above/below you? never

    When are you available for training? (Give a few possible times.) early morning and late night
    How often do you expect to be mining each week? (For planning purposes, there's no required level of activity.) 4
    Do you any specific financial goal? yes mine at least 1000 blocks
    Is there anything you hope to get out of using the mine specifically?diamonds

  16. Okay it looks good. What timezone are you and do you want to meet tomorrow night?
  17. melbourne australia and tomorrow night for me