[Hiring] Miners (~8k/hr)

Discussion in 'Player Jobs Available' started by azoundria, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Alrighty! we are still on schedule for having all the halls mined out by tomorrow night. Today I finished 17750 hall and tomorrow I have only the 18000 hall and apparently I missed some of the 16500 hall so I will be finishing that up and then starting on the rail lines for the upcoming stations.

    Not just an update post though!!! No, no, no. Today I was busy. I ran into a zombie spawner and had lots of tools that needed xp to repair them with mending so I made a quick makeshift grinder. Azoundria asked for screenshots and I was like... "Crap he is picky about everything!" So!!! I built up the spawner and added four beacons in an adjacent room with resistance, healing, speed, strength and haste. This grinder is by no means fast, the areas around haven't been lit up which limits spawn rates and its a single spawner with nothing more than a kill area. It looks neat though and if you have time to kill you can repair a few picks there.

    The grinder is WAY out there at 17750 hall almost at the end around -11850. So... its not prime or an OP farm but its there if you want to visit. Please do not destroy any of the blocks around the spawner or any of the torches. Those baby zombies can get out everywhere lol.
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  2. There are two days left to mine this week and quite a bit of time left in May. I am currently the top miner for the month at only 18k. Anyone can spend just a few hours mining and get past that to be the top miner for May and this week there hasn't been a whole lot of mining either. Yous guys are making me feel like I did all that work to add extra space to the mine for nothing. Shame shame lol. I am kidding of course. I might get in the mines a bit next week, come beat me out for the top spot in May :D
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