[Hiring] A Redstone Master

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  1. Heyo there!

    So I have a tree crusher that is currently...crippled.

    I am looking for someone who knows what they are doing with redstone to come and take a look at it to see if it can be fixed.


    Then I would commission said person to build a new one like the one I have now.
    The only thing i need it to do is to be able to work will all trees. If the main chamber can be build I can do the supporting stuff on the other side.

    Prices vary on what needs to be done, but will be generous!
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  2. You too, HxCami10; I built one of these also and it failed to work. Sometimes there are server-side issues that prevent these things from working. All the best in finding someone, if you do manage to get someone that can help and manage to get it fixed please let me know.


  3. Where is it at? I can take a look.
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  4. Returning to my tree crusher it’s also broken, seems like it has something to do with pistons/redstone updates on EMC.

    I’m sure you can find a working model for EMC but I think you’re best bet is to scrap the old one and look for a builder. :p

    If you aren’t able to find any afficianados then I may be able to help.
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  5. Like I said, I would be more than happy to help. I can also rebuild or rewire, I know a simple working model.
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  6. If you can't get it fixed Cami, just use the Wither run one out at SnG that MrC and Bobby built. Keep your difficulty under 5 there for obvious reasons. I know you were too busy last time to come out more than just the once, so holler at us (me, Corrupted, RD, Bobby, Chum, Agennt, Faded, etc the usual suspects) if you need a guide. Cheers.
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  7. If you're in the frontier, make sure for machine blocks being pushed with pistons you have /noprotectmode enabled when building. I know for the most common design, having the glass block at the bottom grief protected breaks the whole thing.

    Edit: I can take a look at it too for you.
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  8. Just a thought, if you need someone to do it, contact ShelLuser. He is amazing at redstone stuff I hear
  9. Yeah man, you can see the monstrosity on my Utopia res and it worked for oak sometimes but I want something that can do dark and spruce too.
  10. Cami, I'll help you out :)

    I have a few redstone world records, including smallest 3*3 startgate, and tied most compact per output mellon & pumkin farm. I also designed what is usually considered to be the best 4*4 piston door (2*10*9, opens as fast as is possible without 0-ticks, fully in sinc including top and bottom, scielent apart from piston sounds) I know my way around redstone.

    If I were you, I would rebuild it. Your current redstone is very slow, inefficient and large, it doesn't even use 0-ticks for crying out loud :p

    If you want me to I can try to help you out to find out why your current system doesn't work. I see you want something that both does dark oak and the small tree types. I would really suggest to make two different farmns for that: one for the small tree types and one for the dark oak: that is because that way, you can make the small tree types (oak, spruce, birch, jungle and, yes, acacia too) far more efficiently (more sapplings and less time/tree) farmed. Dark oak will alwaus be dificult, as it is very hard to return enough sapplings for that. I know it was possible in 1.8 to make a fully automatic one, but I have not jet seen one for 1.12, as the 1.8 one doesn't work anymore due to the piston code changing and, with that, a 0-ticked piston can no longer be retracted in the same gametick as itself finishes retracting, which breaks the farm. :p
    My internet curently is really bad, so I bairly managed to come to your res, or to build stuff, but let's just hope it's better soon :p
  11. This is the one I built, but it has some issues on emc, If I messed up I can't see where it is.
  12. No, Silken, it was my idea to build him that rarm, don't steal it from me :p
    Yeah, Illmango is and has for a ong time been the golden standard when it comes to tree farms. I too would ahve first tried to make that thing work on EMC :p

    BTW: If you use schematica, it isn't hard to see where you messed up, but that might not be the problem:
    you see, on bukkit servers (EMC is a buckit server) you cannot rely on two things in the same gametick haveing the relative delay they should have. A comparator will always be after a repeater, but a piston 2 places after powering might be after a piston at 4 places, giving the right context. I think SpaceWalker made a fix for this farm on Bukkit servers,. but it might break here too due to pistons not liking to get powered every 3 gameticks on emc...
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  13. Thanks Jelle68, I had downloaded the mod and I can I made a few errors so fixing at the moment, I will update on here if I get it to work,
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  14. Check out my tree farm on smp3 /v mall-2

    It's the fastest you can possibly build on EMC (currently)
  15. No after fixing a couple of errors it still does not work properly, it uses a flying machine for oak and that did not work. Although, I could live without that the piston system still dont work, which is most likely down to the comparitor and repeater system you mentioned, back to design board. I will take a look at roblikescake one.

  16. Mine is not compact by any means but it's got a lot of lag prevention in it. Meaning it won't break the system when it lags.
  17. There you know. I am unnessacairy now...
  18. Nice farm but a little too big for my base though. What I really want is a Redstone Acacia tree farm the other log types are easy to harvest compared to that.

    Have you managed to fix your farm yet?
  19. Re-built tree farm with something that works, not without its issues but much better

    I found an old oak tree design by Mumbo-Jumbo with improvements made by Clydesdalefan so it works with other tree types, I mainly wanted it for Acacia.

    It's not without its problems as the branches can push pistons back and break Redstone, although putting some obsidian behind it reduces the chances of this and overall chopping logs are still much quicker than free hand. I get enough saplings to keep farming also, I get more sapling when farming oak, I have not tried it with other tree types yet I will look to trying Jungle next.

    My farm is a combination of Mumbo's, Clydesdalefan, and a couple of small changes I made myself such as bonemeal chest location and adding an extra row of pistons on the top of the leaf crusher. Another change is where you stand to place saplings I remove the log above the player but left the piston, this allows room to chop and remove any branches you may get, although reach can at times be an issue so you need to enter the chamber and remove before continuing.
    This system is no good for afk as it gets jammed up when using Acacia, Oak was fine though as long as you have a way of dealing with logs.

    I was wondering if observers might prevent Redstone from breaking, I might test them as some point.



  20. If you want a design that will harvest (almost) any single-trunk tree, check out my res on smp3.