Hey, I Exist :D

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  1. Hey, my name is Cadenman2002, and I'd like to introduce myself (after being on the empire for over 2 years) as beginner promo collector. I'm looking into buying promos, so message me if you've got any you're willing to sell :D

    Enjoy life,

    EDIT: Wow, I was a terrible noob back then. I truly had no idea what the hell I was doing. 10/26/15
  2. Welcome! ...is what I would have said two years ago.

    lol I was the first person to add a reply to this thread (6/5/15)

    Ulti was here (10/26/2015)

    I was here again (8/18/2016)
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  3. good work on existence keep it up
  4. Thanks, I've been working on it for a while :D
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  5. We got ourselves a veteran here :p
  6. CaziCookie I got banned for like a year and a half so I didnt rly pay attention to the empire then I got unbanned :D
  7. He didn't mean anything by it :p
  8. :D oops
    heh heh oops :D
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  9. Aw man, I'm so jealous. Wish I existed. </3
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  10. I know, it took me a while too. Don't worry, you'll get there :D

    (PS: I see by your lil' bio there that you have a "keen interest in politics"? What coincidence! Me too!
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  11. Existing... a theory I may consider.
  12. Hello there!
    2 years old, or 2 years new!
    Makes no difference to me.
    Have fun, follow rules, have more fun! :D
    See ya around :)
  13. You just made me realise, it's only two months and a day for me and I'm two years old as well! :o And I still feel like a newbie xD
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  14. Welcome back cadenman.
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  15. What are your interests? Here's mine:
    • Anti-sectarianism in Northern Ireland (I'm in this, we oppose sectarian divisions and segregation between the Protestant and Catholic communities in this country).
    • Socially leaning liberal democracy, with a focus on basic income, progressive taxation, and creating a social market individualist economy focused on small and medium businesses as opposed to large corporations.
    • Radical secularism; church and state should be separate. No religious education, we should have Philosophy & Ethical Studies instead. No collective acts of worship in school assemblies. No decision making by policymakers on the basis of religion. Parents shouldn't have the right to indoctrinate their children with any religious viewpoint. Creationism has little recognition in science; this should be reflected by keeping it out of school curricula.
    • Strong constitutional democracy; limits on election funding and corporate lobbying, single transferable vote in elections, presidents as opposed to monarchs, federalism.
    • Pacifism; I advocate bringing an end to the global arms trade with a series of mounting sanctions imposed by the developed world, and the gradual, proportional disarmament of all national armies. Eventually, all weapons should be banned, except those for use in sport and non-lethal detainment of criminals and dangerous people. These measures, I believe, would create world peace.
    • Radical environmentalism; 100% renewable energy usage, use of electric cars, bicycles and public transportation, replacing traditional farms with agricultural labs and re-afforesting farmland. Abolishing the CAP in Europe.
    • Expansion and federal unification of the European Union; the EU should be eventually expanded to all countries in Europe. Local matters should be left to the competences of nation states, while matters like foreign relations, currency, expenditure, military disarmament, grand economic strategy, universal healthcare, basic education responsibilities and welfare should be left to the EU, which should then be given status as a sovereign state, the United Federal Republic of Europe, superseding the individual nation-states of Europe.
    • Cryptoglobalism; my own personal ideology. I believe Europe should act as a vanguard state to establish global democracy and world federalism. This government would then develop a decentralised cryptographic system to govern the planet without their input. I talk about it more here. The eventual outcome is post-scarcity and a technological singularity.
    What are your thoughts? :)
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  16. You have to tell me your secret. I suck at doing that whole 'existing' thing.
  17. Wow, did not expect a whole political science lesson in one thread :D
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  18. When Volt's around that kinda just happens :p
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  19. xDD
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  20. Can confirm. I frequently write Facebook comments which are several hundreds of words long. Pisses people off, but I love it.
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