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  1. Hello everyone,

    For those that try and stay clear of the forum drama, this post won't really affect you and likely won't make a lot of sense, so feel free to bypass it.

    Everyone else who is around for it, however, just want to put something out there. As some of you know, we've had a couple long-term members do some stupid things. and got themselves banned. Even within the process of giving second chances, they decided to act up (not always in public) and get themselves banned.

    I've received a few complaints now that some players may be trying to use current EMC players (maybe even you) to try and "collect names" via PMs and "spread the truth". One player even claims they were hacked by a player named "roblikescake" to use their account to spam messages.

    I'm going to give out a fair warning:

    If a banned player asks you to do something for them, like pass information or spam others to go another website for example, we may have to take action against your account. EMC is meant to be drama free for everyone, and continuing to help trouble makers is going in the opposite direction of that.

    If you receive any kind of PMs or see any suspicious activity of things that may be related to this, please immediately contact me and let me know. Your privacy will be 100% protected, as always.

    Thanks community.

    BTW: This stuff is all temporary. Being a part of large communities like this, it's very normal for old players who put on a front as a respective player to act out at some point and show their true colors and continue to "troll" the site for a little while until they get bored. They then realize they don't really matter that much and move on to their next project. So, bear with us during this process and we'll keep the drama to a minimum the best we can during this time. :p

    - Cow
  2. first
    Nice ICC.
  3. I got one of this kind of message, it was so weird....
  4. Yea I got two of those in my inbox just want me to pm you the links or something else
  5. If you could invite me to them, that would be fantastic.
  6. I don't understand why they would do this, it just seems that they would be digging themselves into a even bigger hole.
  7. If I wanted to see drama, i'd go watch Eastenders.
  8. Typing you in at this moment
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  9. I suppose if they're permanently banned, their holes are already as deep as they can get, unfortunately (in their opinion, at least).
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  10. Basically, the players find others who "trust" them and spread lies about EMC to make us look bad. That's what trolls specialize in is lying and creating drama with those lies. Some fall for those lies, unfortunately and go on to try and ruin our good name (and their own reputation) based on the lies of someone who spends their day trying to be a jerk on purpose for their own amusement.
  11. Seems like the convos are full or can't add
    Members in
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  12. But if they didnt do this and appealed successfully, they might just have been given a metaphorical "ladder of a second chance", so to speak,
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  13. Me too, I asked if so eone could leave so I can add IcC.
  14. How could they, the scoundrels!
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  15. I assume a example of this would be copherfield?
  16. That won't work you will still be listed on the convo to other players but you will not get alerts about it
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  17. If they're full, you can screencap them for me and send an image, that'd be fine.
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  18. That's true. The kind of players to do this probably wouldn't be getting a second chance though, and they probably aren't being 100% logical anyway. Still, doesn't exactly say great things about the person!
    (I added a bit to my other post btw)
  19. I was thinking that :)
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  20. alright